Monday, 2 March 2015

Adidas x Pharrell WIlliams Polka Dot Stan Smith Tennis Shoes

Below: Check out these fun Adidas x Pharrell WIlliams Polka Dot Stan Smith Tennis Shoes... the surprise comes in the form of the clever and quirky insoles! Embroidered polka dot pattern on colourful leather is a yes:-)
 Below: Love the foot reflexology chart in pop art style on the insoles... how quirky fun! Love this:)

 Below: Spotted on the streets during New York Fashion Week recently... (Pic from Four Pins by George Elder)

Adidas x Pharrell Williams Polka Dot Stan Smith Tennis Shoes

Last Sunday, I spotted a guy wearing a bright blue pair of polka dot sneakers which was strikingly cute and fun. I had the impulse to confront the guy and ask him where he got his kicks. I can be that relentless when it comes to my fashion radar. Coincidentally, I also posted a pic on my instagram of a guy wearing the exact same pair in black. Having seen the real thing and a streetstyle pic of the shoes, my interest was immediately sparked. I wondered if the shoes were Comme Des Garçons since the brand loves their polka dots. But to my surprise, I found out they were actually Adidas, and from a collaboration with talented musician, Pharrell Williams. Pharrell Williams have long been embraced as a style icon, often seen with his eclectic and unexpected mix of street and luxury pieces. Loud colours and bold graphics have since become his trademark. His love for sneakers is unprecedented, often photographed wearing them.

This is not the first collaboration project by Pharrell Williams, he has done some amazing designs prior to this round. But with this new season, Pharrell Williams infuses even more of his own playful, dynamic energy onto a Adidas Originals classic, the Stan Smith tennis shoe. Originally created in 1973 for tennis star Stan Smith, the adidas Stan Smith shoes have stood the test of time, well loved even to this day. With Pharrell Williams’ update... playing up of polka dots embroidered against boldly coloured red, blue and black full grain leather upper... these classics are now elevated to be even more collectible for sneaker fans.

Below: Love the blue pair... Saw this in person, was a brilliant bright blue and love at first sight:-)

However, what truly sold me on the shoe... beyond the fun pattern, are the very unexpected foot reflexology chart printed on the insoles. Charmingly illustrated in a pop art style, they put a smile as soon as I spotted them. What a brilliant idea especially for a foot massage fan like myself. These little touches goes a long way. Now I need a pair over my feet. Retails for USD150. Get yours today at or

 Below: When you wear these shoes, it feels like you can be happy and jump all day! 

Source: Adidas

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