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Gray Malin x Sperry Exclusive Spring Summer 2015 Shoe Collection

Below: The very talented photographer, Gray Malin, famous for his aerial photography of beaches and all things happy has collaborated with Sperry for an exclusive collection of summer friendly shoes that features some of his beautiful works! I want a pair:-P
Below: The unisex collection features dock shoes, lace-ups and slip ones... indispensible footwear for a vacation filled summer season!
Below: The inspiration for this collaboration comes from Gray Malin photographing his own feet wearing Sperry topsider dock shoes in mid air... such as this pic below... Definitely not for those with acrophobia!:-P

Gray Malin x Sperry Exclusive Spring Summer 2015 Shoe Collection

Gray Malin is known for capturing aerial photographs of everything from beaches to penguins to mountain ranges, taken all over the globe. (Orlebar Brown has been featuring some of his beautiful imagery on their iconic swim shorts!) His colourful and almost surreal works convey a sense of optimism in life that brings a smile to anyone who sees them. To capture his iconic images, Malin flies in door-less helicopters and leans out of the side to do his shots. On these adventurous shoots, Gray Malin began snapping pictures of his Sperrys... dock shoes that are a timeless favourite of hedonistic stylish men.

“It’s an exhilarating experience dangling from the side of the shaking helicopter while the wind is whipping you in the face, and having seconds to manually adjust the light to capture a perfect timeless moment,” he says. “During my aerial photo shoots I started snapping pictures of my Sperrys dangling from the side of the helicopter and it inspired me to reach out and see if we could collaborate to bring my images onto the shoes. We are both brands who celebrate a mutual love for the sea and stand for classic style and adventure.”

Hence, for Spring Summer 2015, Malin and Sperry merge their loves for the great oceans to create the perfect capsule shoe collection. This very fun and appealing collection includes four classic Sperry styles featuring three of Malin’s signature aerial seascapes, all recently taken in Portugal, Sicily and South Africa.

The unisex collection offers three silhouettes for both the boys and ladies. Choose from the familiar boat shoes or the easy casual slip-ons, and lace ups. These are shoes which brings new meaning to summer fun in the sun:-P A must have for sun worshippers who want style and art (his prints costs a small fortune to collect!) at the same time. I want one of the dock shoes!

“I definitely vision both men and women of all ages wearing them. Looking at the collection as a whole, each shoe fits a different personality, from preppy to urban, younger to older, and even classic to trendy. I truly love them all but my style has always been classic so I am drawn to the iconic boat shoe.” Says Malin. “The theme of the collection is artistic beach imagery translated onto iconic style, allowing you to bring the essence of escape into your everyday wardrobe and lifestyle”

Get yours now at and select Sperry retail stores (Sorry those of you in Singapore, your best bet is for friends to help you get them. Sperry do not ship to our region). Pricing starts range US$75 to US$88.

“Working with Sperry on the design was a great experience. They did an amazing job working to translate the prints beautifully onto the shoes.”
Malin considers the collaboration a great team effort. I agree too! Need these shoes for summer:-P (Watch the video above to find out more about this collaboration)

 Below: Some of Gray Malin's fantastic photographic work... I love the brilliant composition and colours... a style that is uniquely his own!

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Source: Gray Malin

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