Monday, 4 May 2015

Saint Laurent Hunting Rucksack In Navy Canvas

Below: This streetstyle pic showcasing Saint Laurent's Hunting Rucksack in Navy Canvas and Black Leather just ignite my strong desire to get myself one! Love the colour and the simple utilitarian chic it brings about:-P (Streetsyle pic source: Matches Fashion)
Below: The Saint Laurent Hunting Rucksack in classic toile monogram looks equally appealing with the gold tone hardware. One of the few monograms that I find non repulsive:-P
Saint Laurent Hunting Rucksack In Navy Canvas

The functional and chic Saint Laurent Hunting Rucksack is one backpack design that I have loved. Being lightweight due to a combination of canvas and leather, and with a design that looks both luxurious and ruggedness at the same time... this is truly a bag to desire.

Now that I found a streetstyle pic showcasing how the bag looks when carried... especially the one in navy (USD850)... I fell in love with it all over again and more! Definitely need to stash out some funds to get this backpack in my wardrobe. Hopefully, I can land myself one when the end of season sales start:-P

Now it also comes in Saint Laurent's classic toile monogram canvas (USD1250), accented with gold hardware. Somehow Saint Laurent monogram screams less of tacky than the other brands. Love this as well!

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Source: Saint Laurent

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