Saturday, 29 March 2008

My Bag Collection #24

Jil Sander Patent Metallic Leather Travel Bag in Copper (THROW AWAY: BAD QUALITY)

Fall Winter 2007 was a season of metallic colours. Metallic colours were all over, in shoes, in clothes, and of course, in bags as well. Metallic colours first started off in women's collections but slowly officially filter down big time into the male gender in fall winter 2007. As an avid follower of fashion trends, I picked up on the metallic hit as soon as I saw the runway looks for that season.

So while I was travelling in Paris last August, I had already planned to scout around and see if I can pick up some interesting metallic coloured items to bring home to Singapore. I was not disappointed. As a fashion capital of the world, Paris stocks up the trend very quickly and I easily spot metallic colours in all forms in the shops. I got a silver Dolce Gabbana belt and this Jil Sander travel bag in copper.

When I first lay eyes on this travel bag, I fell in love with it. Copper was not a common metallic colour, much less patent metallic leather bags. I thought to myself I will be a trendsetter to be seen with this bag in Singapore. But I left the Jil Sander boutique in Avenue Montaigne empty handed as the bag comes with a hefty price tag and I was torn over Bottega Veneta patent captoe shoes and Gucci green checks shirt(which I eventually got when I get back to Singapore).

That day was a fine day of shopping, had already bag 2 new bags, one from Bottega Veneta and one from Paul and Joe, so buying a third bag was making me feel guilty. And I worry about the problem of transporting the bag home. But the bag kept lingering in my mind and I decided to have a second look the next day.

Maybe there was some fore sign to tell me I should have not bought the bag that fateful 10 Aug 2007. My fren whom I was visiting in Paris got upset cos I miss meeting him for lunch at Etienne Marcel. I felt so bad cos I wonder off to Avenue Montaigne for a second look at this Jil Sander bag. I already lost a lot of shopping zest since I felt I let my fren down. He put down his work to meet me for lunch and I miss out on that. Nevertheless, some strange force got me to Jil Sander store again. I was hoping to put my heart to rest and forget about the bag after trying it the second time. The salesman that served me the day before was not around and I thought, least I can try the bag in peace and not worry about salesman pressures. However, when I was about to convince myself I dun need the bag, cos' it was too big, that salesman appeared out of nowhere and he recognised me. Worst of all, I had ketchup stains on my Marni jacket sleeve and look more 'disoriented' due to my incident with my fren. He begin to tell me this bag was runway item and one of a kind. very rare and blah blah blah...all those sales talk. My clear mind got cluttered and I foolishly succumb to his temptations and bought the bag. :-(

And because of that, I blew my shopping budget and cannot buy any more items from Paris. My woes do not end there. It started when I had to get this bag back to Singapore. As patent leather is very prone to creasing, I had to be extra careful about transporting the bag. I finally thought the best way was to hand carry the bag. In my cramped economy class seat, I had to slot this bag inbetween my legs for 14 hours. However, no matter how careful I am, I still managed to reach Singapore with my bag in not so perfect shape. I got creases onto the patent leather even before I started using it. It was frustrating. That was one flight I would vow never to experience again. Thai airways was lenient enough to let me have the bag with me by my seat, but other airlines would probably ask me to leave it on the overhead compartment, which will be detrimental to the bag.

So after using the bag once, I found the bag too cumbersome, too high maintenance and the condition and feeling of using it, is just not pristine anymore after what i have been thru. Now this bag sits as a white elephant in my room keeping my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag safe(bag in bag is the most space saving way of storing bags).

The final blow to my disappointment in this bag is when I found out Club 21 Men's stock the silver version (as well as the timeless black leather version) and I could have gotten that at a cheaper price without the hassles and troubles.

I vow never to buy big bags while travelling, especially those in patent metallic leather.

Retail price: Euro $1450. Where to buy: Jil Sander Boutique at Avenue Montaigne, Paris

19 comments: said...

the bag ain't bad, might as well use it since you've bought it.

i know which green gucci checked shirt you were talking about, cos i have the same one in brown! i was in paris during the winter sale and i tried both the green and brown. but green was half a size too big so i went for brown (albeit green being my first choice).

also went shopping today and bought one of the prada s/s08 short sleeved checked shirts. very broke now!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

thanks Joseph! ordeals of bag buying...this blog is good in a way, I record the experience and price for myself. Almost cannot rememeber all the details. The bag is okay. I will not say I hate it. I will put it aside till the mood comes and I will use it.

yes, that green checkered shirt is a beautiful shirt from Gucci FW2007. When I was in berlin in dec, it was on sale as well. saw the red one too. But I already had the green one. darn...should have waited. But I got mine altered to be smaller by the waist. too slim lah, cannot fill all the space inside the shirt.:-)

congrats on a new prada piece! you and Jay are real prada fans!

I am thinking of getting the metallic trim stud belt from Gucci today.

Unknown said...

I love your Jill Sander bag. I am officially jealous :) For some reason, I've fallen in love with patent leather lately.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Layne,

Welcome to my blog! Glad you like the Jil sander bag. It's a subjective thing. I still dun like it.:-P Should have saved the money and bought the pair of patent captoe Bottega Shoes.

Enjoy a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Jil Sander S/S08 bags are not too bad. They have a couple of bags in bright red and black patent leather. But I don't think they brought it in this time at Club 21.

You can check them out at the jil sander website or try your luck at Club 21 (Four Seasons) or Jil Sander boutique at Hilton hotel (Womens' selection only)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I actually like the Mesh totes from Jil Sander this season. But because of practicality, I stop myself from getting that. See thru bags are a big mess.

I like the black leather bags as well...but nothing interesting enuff to make me wanna pay full price for them.;-) The red bags are cute...but a bit loud.

Anonymous said...


Where can i get this
"Jil Sander Patent Metallic Leather Travel Bag in Copper"
(My Bag Collection #24)?

THANK YOU for help!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Bernd Lade,

this bag is from the fall winter 2007 now it is not available for sale anywhere, except maybe ebay or other bag owners who wants to part with the bag.:-P

I am keen to sell this bag. So let me know if you are interested. I have only used it once.:-P


Anonymous said...

Could you mail me to my email-address.

Then the correspondation will be easier.

And there is no damage on it?
And from where will the bag be shipped?
Thank you!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Bernd,

The bag is in a good condition. But patent metallic leather creases and leaves the creasing there and it shows. There is no way a bag will not crease. So that is something you have to keep note of.

I am not sure if you really want to buy the bag without seeing the real thing. I do not want to sell you a bag and you regret later.:-)

I was actually looking to sell locally to a singapore buyer as I can show the bag before the both parties can see and decide.

Why do you like this bag so much?:-P hahaha. Have you own and seen any patent metallic accessories before? The leather is very vulnerable.

LADE said...

Hi Kevin!
I have seen the bag at a shop of Jil Sander and i know the material.

I also have read your blog about this bag and was laughing, laughing, laughing...

And now i know that you will ship from singapore.
But this is no problem because i have received several items shipped this way.

So let me know how much
i have to pay for it and i will get a bag with this history...!!!
Thank you!

As i told you:
You can also mail me to my email-address (and if you wish and if it is possible you can also mail me pictures):

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi bernd,

okay...since you are that confident you want the bag:-) I will drop you an email once I take more pics.

Chat more soon!:-)


Anonymous said...

Is this patent leather?
And the metallic effect appears it cheap or as "real copper" (although it is not)?
And is this bag "padded" (it seems so thick)?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous,

This is patent leather in metallic copper. It's metallic for sure.

It is not exactly padded...but lined with cotton fabric.

A nice bag...but I will never buy patent leather, especially smooth metallic ones again. It's too delicate.:-P

Anonymous said...

Why is it so delicate...?
Let me know!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Metallic patent leather looks nice when it is in a pristine smooth conditon, once creased, it looks cracked and the texture is ugly. This is me...hahaha. I like smooth patent leather for metallics. For smaller leather goods is fine. Not for a huge bag.:-P

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Metallic patent leather looks nice when it is in a pristine smooth conditon, once creased, it looks cracked and the texture is ugly. This is me...hahaha. I like smooth patent leather for metallics. For smaller leather goods is fine. Not for a huge bag.:-P

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my many questions:
But what causes this "padded" effect?
Is this filled with feather or downs or with foam?
It looks like a pillow !!!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Please let me know (because i have the chance to buy this bag):

What causes this "padded" effect?
Is this filled with feather or downs or with foam?
Or does it just look like a pillow only as an effect?
(Because the surface is convex or something like that...)