Thursday, 1 May 2008

Gender Bender #18

D&G Agata Leather Shoulder Bag in Cognac Colour

Talk about bags that 'kick ass', this richly coloured leather bag in cognac colour sure fits the description. In a huge size, with chunky gold metal rivets and hardware, a laced leather handle and thick straps that extends out from the bag, it looks like the bag is ready to get into 'fashion war' with its other bag counterparts. The design is 'rugged' and not your typical girly sort of handbag. It's meant for women who wants confidence and also to kick some ass while looking chic:-P That is why I can see this bag also resting on shoulders of fearless guys who is not afraid to experiment with fashion.

I have tried the bag today. When stuffed fully to bulk up the shape, it feels like a duffel bag which is oversize and unisex. However, of course, the design is so much more unique than a normal duffel bag (Especially when used as a guy's bag). There is also a black version which is equally appealing but the rich cognac colour is the sure winner. Perfect for jeans and shorts and works incredibly well as an everyday bag.

Retail price: SGD $2499. Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall

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