Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Material Boy #91

Alexander Mcqueen Coloured Stripes Canvas Wallet

Talk about a wallet that garners lots of attention each time you flash out your cash...and here you have, Alexander Mcqueen's version that is sure to turn a few heads! The vibrant coloured stripes is cheery and bright and can be noticed from a mile away. I love the combination of colours, makes me happy when you use the wallet, namely, paying for shopping. But hey, isn't shopping a pleasure already? hahaha. This just adds to the happy experience of shopping.

The wallet has a zipper fastening all around and a full leather interior lining with 6 credit card slots, an ID window flap(I am actually not a fan of ID window flaps) and bi-fold pocket for notes. One thing that is solely missing is a coin compartment which I am so in need. But the colours of the wallet more than make up the lack of this feature. I would carry a separate coin pouch if I have to!:-P

Retail price: UK 220 pounds. Where to buy:


Anonymous said...

The Balenciaga Zip wallet with embossed B. logo would be a better bet. It has a money clip which ups your urbanmale chic scale. Well, I guess the brand itself already sends the scale off the roof ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is a nice wallet, Kevin!

I like the play of colours! It's playful or shall I say I like the twist but it's not a mix of colours that translates into a fashion victimy stance.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

You mean the blue one with stripey detail on one of the corners? It has a money clip? wow...have to go see that! has that wallet for sale. I think.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kev,

So did you pop by C21Men to take a look at the B. wallet?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh, I did not see the wallet in detail. I saw it thru the showcase. I was showing a fellow reader here, Jens from Sweden and his japanese fren, the retail scene in Singapore. Of course, Club 21 is the top of the list of must visits! hehe.