Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Material Boy #92

D&G Menswear Collection Pre Fall 2008

In fashion, everything moves twice as fast to stay ahead of the trends. Even before the summer season is officially over, pre fall collections are slowly filtering into retailers. Saks in U.S. is always one of the first few to start featuring fall season clothes. They have already started taking pre-orders for D&G's pre fall 2008 collection! Although the items featured are limited, I am liking what I see so far. A harmonious tones of browns, olives and mustards, the pieces are amazingly wearable and I love the masculine colour scheme and designs.

I love the long jacket with fur trim lapels and the plaid shirt that reminds me of lumberjack style (Remember, plaids is the key trend this coming fall winter!). Even the wool sweater with subtle stripey undulating brown tones and pull strings is beautiful! I also adore the 'I love Stefano' v neck tee in sponge washed vintage effect. Seems like this fall I will have a long shopping list for D&G.

Start planning your looks now!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks good. I'd jump at the chance to get that leather jacket if the singapore weather is a little bit more bearable.

Superb collection. I'll have to beat you to the line when the pieces start getting into the boutique. ha ha ;-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

yeah, I agree..I love a lot of the pieces. And no worries, my size is the smallest sizes, dun think you can match me at waist 28-29:-P or small?:-P hahaha said...

away for a few days and your blog was awashed with posts! lots of bags and purchases!!

i like that military coat from d&g, you know roughly how much it retails?

another month to go before europe sales, save Save SAVE!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Joseph,

welcome back! Were you on holiday or for work?:-)

Yeah, many things to talk about the past week. And sales have started here. Waiting for the Club 21 sale. Wonder when that will be. I went on a bally shopping spree last weekend becos of extra 10% for takashimaya cardmembers. So I got 2 pairs of shoes, a bag(yes, another bag!) and a wallet. Will post pics of the bag and shoes this weekend.

The D&G military long coat cost US$1295.

Yes, it is time soon for your sales shopping! save and resist temptation to shop for now! said...

wah that coat is quite expensive, hmmm. but i do like their checked blazers featured at close of show though

was in geneva for pleasure, not business. too much pleasure i say!

i must resist temptation!
i must resist temptation!
i must resist temptation!
i must resist temptation!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yeah, it is pricey for the D&G coat.

And hope you have a wonderful time in Geneva. Yes, you must resist temptation and not spend your sales budget on full price items. Sale time is the best time to stock up on accessories! hehe

I love your red vuitton carryall. red is one of the colours I lack in my bag collection! good choice!