Monday, 19 May 2008

My MANy Bags News #10

Balenciaga Online Store Is Here!

Following the footsteps of other major luxury fashion brands, like Gucci, Marni and Burberry, the ever elusive and exclusive Balenciaga has finally launched their online store at So now, you dun have to search high and low for all the pictures of balenciaga product ranges, especially the motorcycle bag range. All the colours and splendor of the weekenders and more can now be viewed at leisure and if you are based in the U.S, you can even take those babies home when your balenciaga 'lust' is too strong to resist:-)

At present, the lucky ladies have the privileged and convenience for shopping online. I hope they add men's products to the website soon. Will be great for price comparisons and also see the range they have each season.

I love the whole range of weekenders and the colours (The electric blue one looks stunning!). Even the giant ones looked amazingly chic and could be used by a guy!

More resource for blogging now!


Anonymous said...

Thank god! Balenciaga is finally available online!!!!

I do agree with you that the big motorcycle bags could be sported by the guys as well. As for the online shop, I hope they do add the menswear too! That would be some kind of gargantuan relief!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, the online store is a good reference and resource to look for Balenciaga product pictures, even on the women's range. Hopefully, menswear will be added.:-) I love the weekender! I would want to get one soon.