Saturday, 14 June 2008

The Material Boy #104

Hermès Vintage Silk Twill Scarf

I was browsing thru my latest issue of the local fashion magazine, Style and found this pic under the men style section. Immediately, I was captivated by the styling of the model. You might be asking, what is so interesting about the styling? It's just a mix of jeans, a simple white short sleeve shirt and a messenger bag...nothing extraordinary. Well, if you look closely, what makes the difference is the beautiful black and white scarf tied onto the model's neck! This hand rolled, 70 x 70 cm, Silk Twill Scarf by Hermès is absolutely chic and fabulous! It transforms the plain outfit into that of a rich, dandy, french riveria playboy look. Very sophisticated and charming:-)

I love the graphic prints of the scarf. Sort of like different letter 'H' radiating out from the center and creating a starburst. Ingenious! Apparently, it is vintage inspired too! Hermès is great for prints of scarfs. I am drooling. I wonder if I can pull off the scarf look. (Of course, not in Singapore unless I want to die of heat stroke) I just have an impulse to want to own the scarf even if I am not into wrapping things around my neck. And it's Hermès! What more can you ask:-)

On a last note, I was also inspired by the very suave Stefano Pilati (creative director of YSL), who dresses so well all the time. How did he managed that?:-) Here is a pic of his neck scarf during YSL's funeral. He look sophisticated and not over flashy for a solemn occassion like that.

(Oh BTW, that's a gorgeous Hermès messenger bag the model is carrying. I am sure it carries a huge price tag. But so beautiful. I saw the bag at the window display in Hermès Takashimaya. Makes me drool.)

Model pic from Style Magazine

Retail price: UK 155 pounds. Where to buy:


The Boy said...

I love that scarf! My dad got me one from YSL, vintage, but it was to big and way to colourful for my taste. said...

yes to stefano piltati's silk cravat look
no to that model's look, too... pretentious i feel

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Paolo, yes, that scarf is beautiful:-) and it is interesting the pattern is formed by the letter H. Nice!

and Jay, what do you mean by pretentious for the model? Too deliberate a look?:-P

anyways, I dun think I can pull off a scarf. It's too 'chi chi' here in Singapore. Everyone will have weird looks:-P

The Boy said...

Hi Kevin,
The thing is I live in Malmoe Sweden, very small city, but it's weird how "molto fashion" everyone is. If you would wear a scarf like that people would think 1.Rich bastard, 2.Fashionista or 3.Gay. But look at me, i wear what I feel is comfortable. so what I'm sauing is use the scarf if you want to.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Paolo,

thanks for the support:-) hahaha. I would love to get the scarf look. But I think maybe I will not look as good with it. But let me try...who knows...I may be surprised.:-)

yes, wear what you feel comfortable. and people will get use to that:-)


Anonymous said...

I think too that a scarf is a great way to make an outfit interesting, like in the pic. And for those like me who never use a tie, a scarf is a very interesting alternative. (Pilati looks super-cool with that scarf..)

I have a small collection of vintage scarves, but I admit it takes some thought of how to wear them. It is not so common nowadays, which is a shame. Long ago scarves were common on stylish men. There was also a bohemian element about it, which I sometimes like to aim for. Like poets and painters who were often seen with a scarf tied around the neck. I love that! I would love for the scarf to make a real comeback!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

yes, there is a sense of romanticism involved with man with a scarf:-) and it is usually associated with refined gentlemen with fine taste and elegance. Very gentlemen.

It seems scarves are seen on some looks this spring summer season. Dsquared2 has a lot of scarf look with jackets for that steve mcqueen style.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of scarves like that, but it looks pretty nice styled so! I'm also dying for an Hermes weekender but I think I'll have better luck rubbing a lamp...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Scarves are not everyone's look.:-)But if you can carry this style, yes, I agree, when done right, it looks very good on guys. Gives you a sense of elegance.

Well, Hermes bags are so's a real investment that takes time to stock up the cash to buy them. hahaha.