Sunday, 15 June 2008

My Bag Collection #30 (SOLD)

Louis Vuitton Naviglio Bag In Damier Canvas (FOR SALE: Click here)

Yes, I was out and about Orchard Road doing my usual rounds of shopping. More like pre-sale scouting since Club 21 is starting their sales next week. I am always contemplating which bag to use for each week's shopping expedition. Since I had initially wanted to wear a new Zara ' Mechanic, F1 racer, Trucker' short sleeve tee, I thought to compliment the speed racing mood, I chose my Louis Vuitton Naviglio Bag since the damier canvas is similar to the checkered flag used for flagging off races. Will be very appropriate for that shirt. Eventually, I decided not to wear that shirt, since the sizing is really small and tight, I feel disproportionate and I think an exchange is in need. Hence I wore another new red tee from Zara and head off with Naviglio Bag anyways.

I am not really a huge fan of monogram bags now. But this was from a time when I was 'addicted'. It was the time when I first knew bags have names!!! :-P

I got a friend's friend who was in Paris many years ago to buy this bag for me. My friend 'ordered' his Yarranga Camera Bag as well. With all the huge 'mobilisation', text messages, finally the friend's friend who was clueless about luxury goods bought the bags for us from the Paris LV store. The price was much lower than in Singapore. But this friend's friend checked in our new bags in his luggage and hence no tax refund was being claimed as you need to show your purchases to customs to get the stamp. Darn.

But it was okay. We still got the bag at a deal. I cannot remember clearly how much I paid. But it was around SGD $880.

Same as my previous posts on the Broadway bag, the lining colour for the current Naviglio Bags are brown but mine's Red. Which I think I like it so much better. Red lining adds a splash of visual interest when you open the bag. And my strap has not embroided branding while the new version has 'Louis Vuitton' written along the strap.

Retail price: US $995. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutiques


The Boy said...

Hey Kevin,

The thing with LV, I'm not the biggest fan of the brand. LV is somehow to much or I'm just sick of the brand being "too common" in sweden, or it used to bee. No one really use "branded" items here anymore. The bag is ok, but the Balenciaga for instant is much hotter.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

yeah, that is true. Sometimes, Monograms can be too mass. Since a lot of people buys the monogram versions of the bags. Especially true for LV. However, having said that, I do fancy some monogram items if the right amount of detail sets them apart from the normal range. Balenciaga is nice. But this spring summer season, the bags are a disappointment. Only the motorcycle range is still nice as ever.