Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Material Boy #106

D&G Black And Camel Coloured Leather Hi-Tops

I don't know how I acquired the fascination for hi cut shoes. Especially hi-top sneakers. Perhaps I love the look of skinny jeans tucked into the hi-top sneakers, which is both practical for winter climates and yet look very cool. I think I got inspired by Dsquared2's tall boots look, but boots are sometimes too chunky and heavy to carry for travel. (I live in the tropics, so winter time means I have to travel!)

Check out this pair of D&G Hi-Tops in black distressed leather and camel coloured suede. I love the stripe detailing on the sides and the white sole. With this combination, you can match a lot of clothing colours, especially winter hues of browns, blacks and whites. Perfect! The black leather will also withstand winter dirt on the streets. So no worries about getting those shoes 'abused'. It looks padded so shoe comfort will not be an issue, will be excellent for shopping sprees:-P

I seriously do not need another pair of shoe. But who knows...when inspiration strikes, there is no telling if I might get them or not:-) Baked beans and shoes?:-P

Retail price: US $375. Where to buy: www.neimanmarcus.com


whats-he-wearing.com said...

the line should read baked beans and shoes, not "or" hehe

the shoe looks nice, but again i find it chunky :x

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh yes, I made no sense...lol...I am always too lazy to check what I wrote. A lot of mistakes, I bet! Thanks for pointing that out:-)

The Boy said...

It is alittle chunky, but D&G has that kinda style. Sometimes even alittle or alot of terrone style. That's the style of southern italian guys...so bad. But I have alot from D&G and this sneaker was kinda cool.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Paulo:-)

Yeah, D&G has sicilian style:-) They are kinda peasant, rustic style for winter wear and more sexy, sun drenched look for summer. But recently a change in their house direction resulted in them trying to much to be in the sartorial realm of Giorgio Armani, Jil Sander etc. I dun think they pull it off that well. Nothing interest me now. But D&G has become more luxe with less youth culture influence:-) SO now I love D&G more. This sneakers is chunky...but winter you need chunky shoes eh? hahaha. Have a great week! Love hearing all the opinions on my posts! This makes blogging so fun!:-)