Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Material Boy #109

Gucci Brown Monogram Carry-On Duffle

Another bag candy from Gucci for me.:-) This heavily studded carry-on duffel bag in brown GG fabric definitely strikes a cord with the flashy side of me. Somehow all the hardware in brass and silver got my attention. I thought the amount of detail incorporated into the design of this bag is meticulous. And I love customised hardware on bags which makes it very exclusive. The bag is comfortably big(at a good size at 50 x 15 x 40cm) and perfect for toting it around day to day. Safe to say, this bag has all the qualities that appeals to me. I especially fancied the way the bag opens, it comes with a buckle closure strap running across the calf leather bag flap which resembles the Hermes Birkin's way of opening the bag. I wonder if that will be inconvenient since the buckle strap runs around the bag. However, as compared to Birkin, which is less understated, this Gucci bag is a lot more rock & roll and loud.

The colours of the bag is very complimentary to winter styles and hues. It has a certain medieval knight feel, like a piece of ancient armor transformed into a bag. For those who goes for ultra luxe, there is also a croc skin version that oozes decadence:-)

Retail price: Euro $1890. Where to buy: www.gucci.com


thompsonboy said...

You know I have a weakness for designs that reminds me of the Birkin and Bayswater. This is like the manly version of that with a twist. The brown one is sexier, no? Probably cost less than a Hermes(non exotic) and more than Mulberry.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Definitely cheaper than Birkin. It is a nice bag. But I forsee it as very seasonal. So have to think twice first before investing. It is not as expensive as Birkin, but definitely not cheap either:-P

thompsonboy said...

As much as I am a believer in classic stuff, I think this looks like something that can last abit as compared to say metalic bags and such