Friday, 20 June 2008

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #01

Trendspotting With 'The Sartorialist' In Florence

This is going to be new section on my blog highlighting what real people wear:-), styles that inspires and excites me and what I would like to share with everyone:-) The sartorialist already has an excellent blog highlighting street styles, so you'd probably will see a lot of pics from his blog, but I will filter out only those that resonate with me:-)

Every new season, the sartorialist travels to the major fashion cities to get snapshots of the trendy fashion folks attending the fashion shows/events or the ultra chic locals that could make or break a trend. Here is a couple of styles from his current visit to Florence to cover the Spring Summer 2009 menswear shows and presentations. Real fashion on real people is most exciting.

Firstly, the summer shorts look with a blazer. (Remember to click on the pics to view larger formats and details) How cool is that. It's both casual and yet not sloppy with a touch of class. I love the style of the guy with the stripe blazer and the navy shorts and the boat shoes. Fabulous match.

(I found a Martin Margiela white pinstripe jacket that could pull off this look perfectly.:-) Dun you love the white key brooch on the jacket? Get the jacket at for the sale price of US $829. The interesting white key pin at US $125)

Secondly, seems coloured footwear has caught up with dear gentlemens in Italy...and of all colours, purple! is refreshing to see purple shoes on guys. I first notice the coloured shoes at spring summer 2008 DSquared2 shows (see attached pic). It is now translated to real life. :-P

More to come. Check here to see more street snap pics.



Anonymous said...

i've been a long-time reader of the Sartorialist. i think he's got one of the best eyes and taste. i've done the schoolboy look with the unline blazer and tailored shorts and i love it. still quite dressy for summer, but not restricting or overdressed like in a suit in summer. coloured shoes are great. i've got a dark green and a dark blue pair of tassle loafers from Paul Smith and i just love wearing them. been searching for a pair of purple or red suede shoes too.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Indeed, sometimes his pics inspire me to start dressing a certain way! I love his sharp eye and savvy taste. said...

he used to be the fashion director at bergdorf goodman, hence all these connections and eye for details

i love his blog, very inspiring

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

He really knows how to find great styles amongst the hundreds of people in the streets! He has very good taste:-) I love it when he covers the fashion week in Milan and Paris. Always inspired me to dress a certain way or eye on a new item:-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Like now..suddenly I want purple shoes. hahaha. I spotted some coloured suede loafers from local brand Raoul...I think they should have purple...:-)

Anonymous said...

Luv luv luv the Sartorialist. Wonder when he will head down to Singapore? Ha ha Ha ... dreaming.

Singaporean lot are a bunch of bad dressers.... deck in a little something less conventional and you will be regarded as "off". bleh..

Anyway, keep me posted if any of you guys happen to see the veritable king of style shooting for some asian looks. I'll roam up and down orchard road / or whereever he is so he can take some pics of me. HAHAHHAHA gosh i'm so shameless. Well that poor guy came all the way here to withistand the scorching heat and bad fashion scene ... at least let him take a few good pics back right? *shameless again* hahahaha

Guys, i'm in a crazy saturday mood so pardon the gibberish above. haha

Anonymous said...

i'm really dying to go for the jacket shorts look.... maybe should go scout for a nice light jacket later ...*think think think*

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Okay, if you want to scout for light jackets, can check out blackjack! Raf by RAF SIMONS has a white jacket that is very fitted and nice.:-p Going at original price of $1499, I think. It's a great cut!

and yes, that blazer and shorts look is so cool! I love it!