Monday, 16 June 2008

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #06

Club 21 Spring Summer Sale Preview on 19 - 20 June 2008

At long last, the much anticipated Club 21 sale is here. Starting with a preview sale for all cardmembers on 19 -20 June, there will be extra 10% off and 30% more club points for these 2 days. Extended shopping hours till 9 pm (19 June only) as well with a chance to win a club 21 wardrobe of $8888 for every $1000 spent (Payment by Amex card only) at any store.:-)

Sale will be open to public afterwards (Although non members will still get 30% off without the additional 10% for 19-20 June.)

Start shopping. I did my 'privileged' regular customer's preview preview selection already. Got quite a few excellent items! Yay!

No bags, unfortunately this time, since there are really no interesting bags to purchase this sale time. We shall see:-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kev, do you know whether the Balenciaga B. Bag is on sale?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

YES! Jay the bag is on sale. Call the shop if you want the bag!:-) It could have been sold already.


Anonymous said...

AWWWW damn... i was suppose to go hit the store yesterday but was so busy with work. Didn't even get to leave office till 8plus. Sharks la ...
do you know how much it's going for?

Kevin @ myMANybags said... can still call them to check if the bag is still there. If you had gone yesterday, you get an extra 10% discount. I almost got the bag, but after some thought, I decided to get my Raf Simons jacket instead. Check the store. It might still be there!

Anonymous said...

oh today i saw in the papers if you use amex card then you still get an additonal 10%. so thank goodness for amex.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Great! I was expecting that as well. Since they do a tie up with Amex every year to extend that promotion:-) cool! now you can get the bag! It's SGD$1259 after a 37% discount!:-) (30%+10% off sale price). Good luck and happy shopping! Let me know if you get the bag!:-P

Anonymous said...

YEA!... I bagged the B. Bag at a good price. It's full leather, except for the cotton lining of course. But it's a Balenciaga signature.

I never really had a close look at the B. Bag every time i was down at C21Men until yesterday. Mostly because I know i don't dare tease my temptation and secondly I wasn't prepared to part good money for seasonal items which I was rather certain it would be marked down. Which it did.

The grained calf leather is buttery and soft and is just the right size to use as an everyday bag (convinced by SA). I was given the big eye stare when i told the SA it would be a perfect gym companion. He was appalled and said I should also make it as an everyday bag for work. I thought it was a little too sporty. But as I looked into the mirror and imgined myself with the bag in the corporate get-up. There was a ring of fresh appeal which didn't take my imagination long to conceive. I was confident of pulling off.

So. Without much persuasion from the SA, and much lesser time that I modelled in front of the mirror with the bag, I flashed good-ol centurion and inducted the new bag into my Balenciaga hall of fame. Now standing at 2 only ha ha

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Jay,

Congrats on your new purchase. Oh my...You have such a flair for writing. You should start your own blog.:-) Nice grammar and style:-)

Yes, the balenciaga B bag is a handy size, it's soft and yet structured, perfect for day to day use. I am sure you can pull it off with a nice suit or jacket, just look at the runway pics!

Who was the SA helping you with the purchase? John?:-)

Now at 2 balenciaga bags...I am sure there will be more to come!