Monday, 27 October 2008

My Shopping Conquest #32

UK Shopping Adventure - Harvey Nichols

When you first arrived at a new city, you are bound to be spell bound. So many fresh things to check out and so many temptations to succumb to. And it does not help that on my first day of exploration of London I head down to Knightsbridge, Harrods and of course Harvey Nichols too, since they are the mega retail heavens in the area! Not to mention the Sloane Street which is lined with luxury labels at every turn...but that's another adventure for another day. I had a time crunch to get to meet my friend to head home with him at 5:15pm.

So after half a day exploring Kensington Gardens and then Natural History Museum, I joyfully stroll down the next leg of my London adventure...namely Knightsbridge. And what greeted me was the magnificent and opulent Harrods where credit crunch around the world seems to be forgotten a moment there. Everyone was shopping. Everyone was merry. Ever thing was tempting.:-)

I did not managed to find anything I like in Harrods. The place is too overwhelming for the senses, even an experienced shopper like me. So I decided to check out Harvey Nichols since I was looking for a particular D&G t-shirt and also DSquared2.

A short walk away from Harrods, I entered into Harvey Nichols. Much less over the top exterior and more modern interiors...I feel at home immediately. One thing I do not like about the store is the low ceiling of the basement levels for menswear. A bit claustrophobic. But it felt like a maze with every designer label at every turn. I went to the Dsquared2 corner, saw lots of runway items but not sure about the designs. And prices for DSquared2 is too exorbitant to be honest. I had my radar home in on a yellow t-shirt and continued to hunt for my D&G T-shirt...and to my delight...yes, it's available! And in size S! Although I had to track down the staff and queue for a long time before switching cashiers...the purchase was lovely. Of course, the cute cute young SA made the wait bearable. Drool was almost flowing out of me.

Nicely packed, my first big label purchase from London, finally the D&G 'How Bad Do You Want Me T-shirt' is mine! (I blog about it before! It's been on my want list for the longest time. There is another variant which features beaded letterings instead of the cooler metallic silver!) And I got it in a store that is so London!

I love Harvey Nichols! I love D&G!

What's left is to see if wearing this T-shirt can get me picked up. Hahaha.

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Retail price: UK 85 pounds. Where to buy: Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London

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