Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Material Boy #180

Neil Barrett Fall Winter 2008/2009 Baseball And Basketball Boots

Online shopping alert! There is a new online site for all fashionistas! Launched by, this new site, features exciting labels that is rare and not easily available anywhere else. Cults brands such as Alex and Chloe, Glided Age, Rag And Bone, Jeremy Scott or even big names like Neil Barret and Missioni.:-) Another avenue to let out all your shopping urges.

What caught my eye on this site are the super cool Neil Barrett hi-tops. Named as Neil Barrett 'Black Padded Baseball Boots' for the patent/quilted black design and 'Navy Basketball Boots' for the navy, suede/patent leather version, these converse style trainers looked like distant relatives to Lanvin's sneakers. What I feel is most distinctive is the look is less bulky on the soles than Lanvin. Lanvin's sneakers are very nice, but they bulk up your feet when you wear them. These Neil Barrett ones are more streamlined which I prefer. The use of patent leather and quilted design adds a modern and contemporary touch. Very cool. I love them.

Prices are steep but if you have the dough, these are nice shoes to pamper yourself in:-)

Retail price:
1) Black Patent Baseball Boots in Black: US$578

2) Navy Basketball Boots: US$523

Where to buy:


oh fudge said...

love the blue one at the bottom.

by the way, I hate that Lanvin shoes are so hard to get. Here in Copenhagen (or the whole of Denmark, I think), it's only sold in one store, Birger Christensen, and there are only three pairs on display.

what the hell.

Gia said...

great shoes!i am really impressed by your passion for bags!great:)
and nice blog also!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Allan,

yeah, Lanvin shoes are hard to find. But they are available online! So get shopping already:-) Hehe

ANd Vintage, thanks for your support! Glad you like my blog!

Unknown said...

Hi Kev...
I agreed that one of the shoes seems a Lanvin twin, but also when i saw the black padded boots it reminds me of the grey padded boots i have from Costume Nationale.. just the front part is very much different... i'm loving both shoes...:)

Aitor and rodajasss said...

very great shoes i must say.
im agree that is something similar to Lanvin and Raf simons high tops.i specially like the lanvin and les hommes for that similar price(have the white/gold and are awesome )next summer pay attention to the high tops from Les Hommes viewed on runway