Saturday, 8 November 2008

My Shopping Conquest #34

Agnès B 'Rock N' Roll Is Not Dead' Guitar Brooch seems I cannot stop myself from rewarding myself after a hard week of work. I had worked till 11pm on Friday, so today, I want to make myself happy. And 'happiness' can be bought sometimes:-) It's my theory of self motivation:-P

So while waiting to get into the cinemas to drool over Daniel Craig, aka 'James Bond' Quantum of Solace', I did a round of wandering amongst the fresh new decor of Isetan Scotts:-) The once 'aged ridden and weary' department store now looked absolutely modern after this recent makeover. Although renovation works are still in progress, most parts of the men's level has been completed. Using nice concrete slabs as flooring, lots of glass display showcases with good lighting and brand new wood finishing, all the merchandise just seem more attractive when being displayed in this new environment:-)

And of course new renovations means new labels under the store's list of brands. There are new and a few exclusive brands that you find only in Isetan. Carshoe is one of them as does Globetrotter luggages. I cannot remember the other names but do check them out. The wallet section is also amazing. Very good selection. There is a range of mock croc leather accessories that tickles my fancy:-) Colours are brilliant and prices reasonable:-)

Further to these new sightings, I was most impressed with the new Agnès B counter. New layout, new shelfing and lighting. Agnès B is fast expanding in Singapore. I hope they get a real boutique soon. The merchandise and clothes have improved and the designs more exciting now. I can always find things I love every time I shop there! Fortunately, Agnès B's prices are very reasonable and quality good. So with the gloomy economic situation that is affecting all our wallets, this brand will be something to fill in the gaps between top luxury brands and mid level labels:-) That said, Agnès B has a style that is as chic as any top luxury brand. The key is selecting the right pieces for you. The accessories are the best!

Needless to say, I had to buy something upon being mesmerised by the new Agnès B counter. Being a 'smart' shopper, I decided to do 'shopping research' at Isetan and buy the items I like in Takashimaya's shop to get points for voucher redemption.

What caught my eye were a 'rhinestone lined' star bag charm, a guitar and vinyl record necklace, a whistle and thunderbolt necklace. However, the top of my attraction list goes to the Agnès B 'Rock N' Roll Is Not Dead' Guitar Brooch! I simply love the tagline on the brooch. Very cool! The pricing was the most unbelievable so I easily made the decision that this will be my 'little indulgence' for this weekend. The actual buying will have to wait till after the James Bond movie. (On a side note, the James Bond movie was kinda confusing. I do not understand what the villain's plot was. But as usual, the action was fantastic. The Aston Martin being crushed in the action scene in the opening scene makes me have a major 'heart pain'! OUCH!:-P)

After the movie, I head off to Agnès B, Takashimaya and immediately ask to purchase the guitar brooch. I had a choice of Black and Purple, with the red version being out of stock in Takashimaya. Fortunately, I had already set my sights on the purple version and that is the colour which I got:-) I am very impressed with the packaging of the brooch and Agnès B's new shopping carrier in silver and spot UV varnish. To think a purchase this small came in such elaborate packaging, it goes to say a lot about the brand. I am so in love with Agnès B now:-)

The brooch may be inexpensive but it has put a big smile on me:-)

Retail price: SGD $25. Where to buy: Agnès B Shop in Takashimaya or Isetan Scotts


Anonymous said...

Hey, as much as I used to favor agnes b for her chic designs and reasonable price, I cant say the same when my newly purchased work bag starts to show sign of low quality control. The handler starts to crack at the side all that after I started using it 2 weeks ago. Not to mention the ridiculous BS aftersales service I got when i went back to the store.

Reasonable Price, yes. Good quality? There is still lotsa room for that!

Niz said...

OMG! I was that close to purchasing the exact brooch in Black but I thought it just doesn't suit me. As such, I got a badge instead. Haha! Check it out at my blog. Anywho, congrats on your purchase! ;)

Bagaholicboy said...

Cute. Me likey!

My Shopping Addiction said...

nice ! love it and a great price !

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh dear, Evets...what happened with your Bag? Mine was still okay after being abuse on my trip and going thru customs and airline scrutiny. My bag was heavy and the handles was tested to the limit. It came home with me in tact and no problems. What did the sales people tell you? Please share:-)

When I mention quality...I am always considering quality in relation to price. For Agnès B's price, the quality is pretty good.

And NIZ and Shopping Addiction, yes, the brooch is cute and it is really affordable.

ANd Bagaholicboy, welcome home! Show us your 'loot' from HK! Can't wait:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin,

I got this working bag from Agnes B on 1st Oct. I remembered it clearly as it was my sistah's birthday so I decided to get her a gift, from Agnes B too. Bad choice.

I used the bag for a mere 2 weeks and it start to show signs of poor quality control. Damn! Both sides of the handler start to have cracks. I can't believe it.

Went back to the shop and was told that there is nothing that can do as it has been more than a month since I got the bag. Agnes B do not have aftersales service and hence are unable to replace the handler. The 2nd-in-charge of that outlet told me that I can continue to use it for another month and see how. He was polite but somehow I felt that I was left to 'die' with that poorly made bag.
I think I am being too nice at that moment in time and left without making a big fuss.

But come to think of it, I think I will feedback to agnes b directly via their website.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh my evets, you should try and talk to them again. Show them the receipt.

It is not responsible to have aftersales service of any sort. They should at least try to do something. I know the feeling...frustrating when this situation happens.

Writing via email to Agnès B is a good move too.

hope you get this sorted out.

Take it to another outlet if the outlet you got the bag refuses to help you.

harajuku wannabe said...

I love reading all abt your Agnès b. stuff! You always buy all the cool things. Anyway, I often go to the branch at Raffles City even though it's smaller cuz the SA there is a total cutie lol