Monday, 15 December 2008

Gender Bender #36

YSL Y-Mail Black Patent Leather Tote

I am going to babble a bit more on the Y-mail series from YSL. I dunno what came onto to me. I used to not have the slightest bit of interest in Y-mail designs, but recently, my YSL fever has gotten me liking this range of bags and accessories.

Beyond the Y-mail coin purse that I recently bought, another item which I also like is the Y-mail Black Patent Leather Tote Bag. It's a fun easy to carry around style that is great for casual weekends. The simple design makes it suitable for guys if your build is appropriate to the size of the bag. I wonder if tall guys like me can work this bag. It feels a bit small. But it's so chic!

The black patent leather feels nice and the postage envelope design is sure to get some smiles and stares from friends. Apparently, the address and signature are inspired by Mr St. Laurent's handwriting. Magnifique!

Retail price: US $1295. Where to buy:


alfred said...

argh kevin. i am getting hooked on the y-mail series too, just by reading all your posts on it! :( :(


Anonymous said...

I thought the large one is rather huge. Bigger than an oversized muse bag. you know my answer to this. GET IT. I want the silver one hehe

agrasshopper said...

Oh! I think you have to get that. I actually ordered it, then they sent me the wrong size, when I went to the boutique to look at it IRL, it was HUGE! But for a guy it's the perfect size. I heard the purple and green are on sale in SG. btw I got a spanking new Medium Downtown instead. Teal pebbled leather!!!! I'll be in SG soon so if you see a petite girl carrying one, come say hi!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hello Agrasshopper:-)

Welcome to SIngapore. Are you Singaporean living abroad?

Yes, if I spot a girl with a teal downtown, I will say hi. hahaha.

I have to see the bag IRL before I can make a decision. I think only the black will do it for a guy. It's lovely!

Hope you get yours exchanged to the right size!


Anonymous said...

Love this tote too. I want the silver color though.

Anonymous said...

if they did it on plain calfskin or beige canvas in a larger Raspail size, i might be toting one already.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hey Mitchell,

the silver and gold ones are very nice as well! Personally I am a fan of the gold and black one. But as a guy, I have to like the black one better. Hahaha. 'Peer' pressure.

And Mr Duck, exactly, if it was done slightly bigger and in plain calf skin...I snap it up in a sec!

Dun we all love YSL?:-P

Anonymous said...

This bag is currently on sale at YSL Central, Hong Kong. The price is something like HKD5,000++.

agrasshopper said...

Hi yah, I'm working in the usa now. But can't wait to go back for the holiday season soon! I didn't get the y-mail tote, used the credit for the DT bag instead. I am desperately seeking the y-mail series in red. I need it!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Have a good tripback to Singapore. Lucky you to be working in NYC!

You should be able to find lots of things in NYC. so the y-mail red series will be yours soon! Good luck!