Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Greetings From Bangkok!

Operation 'Save The Economy' Thai Edition...

Sawadeekrap! Yes, greetings from the 'not so smiley anymore' land of smiles. Amidst all the turmoil and political unrest plaguing the Thai capital, it has not deter Kevin's 'save the economy' mission that I have 'endeavoured' to do:-P So from Singapore to London, London to Bangkok...my 'good retail deeds' indeed transverse miles and miles away and spread its wings internationally:-P May I get good 'retail karma' back. Had a 'retail mishap' a few days back, but it seems my past merit do hold up for me today.

To be honest, I am a little apprenhensive about the protests happening now in Bangkok. Was not sure if I should visit. My friend in Bangkok told me all is peaceful so I took the 'risk'. Hopefully the protestors will not be foolish enough to block the airport a second time, cos' that will be the 'end' of Bangkok tourism. Already, the crowds in Bangkok have substantially decreased as compared to last year when I was there over New Years. The shops here are giving away huge, huge discounts unheard of before in the thai capital. On Pedder is giving up to 70% and a further 15% for any 2 items purchased. Club 21 mens/womens boutique and Blackjack are following as well with additional 15% discount on top of the 50-60% markdowns from now till January 15. Oh my. The economy is showing its true impact on retail business. Everyone needs to clear their stock even if it means slashing prices way down.

On with my mission today, I shop the malls of Siam Paragon and a few others. My favourite is Siam Paragon as they have amazing stores there such as Paul Smith and a cool Club 21 accessories shop. I found an amazing YSL Y-mail dogtag necklace at 50% off. I am still thinking about it. After a whole afternoon of 'hunting', my shopping expedition today do bear results. I bag a real good deal (70% off) at On Pedder in Gaysorn Plaza. I never expect to find such a great great bargain for something I have been wanting since a few years back. (It was too pricey at its original price and I could not bear buying it):-P So what would I have bought? :-P Clues are sex, Gucci, and even more sex!

Reveals later! Time for a nap.


Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic time in Bangkok, so I reckon you're ringing in the new year there? Haven't been to Bangkok since 2005, must have changed a lot.

Oh god what did you buy this time? Tee hee! :)

oh fudge said...

haven't been to Bangkok, but I have a friend who lives there.

oh, just a little story. the friend I am talking about, he was my highschool classmate. he was really effeminate but won't admit to being gay, even to his closest of friends. after college graduation, my friends and I learned that he moved to Bangkok with his American boyfriend.