Sunday, 28 December 2008

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #17

Matches Fashion And Browns Fashion Online Sale!

What better time to shop for discounted goods than now....why I say that? It's because the markdowns are huge and the stock still aplenty in many places. Seems people do get more careful about spending. And to get the best deal in the entire world, I'd say, shopping in UK is the wisest! Their exchange rates to Singapore Dollars are at an all-time low and with a hefty VAT exemption and lower prices in pounds, you get a whole lot more for your money.

So get ready your credit card, the top 2 places to shop the UK sale is and Trustworthy and they ship internationally!

Here's my top picks from both sites:-) I have expended my budget for this year so cannot shop but drool over these temptations.:-( But hopefully you guys will get some of these incredibly priced items now.

1) Matches Fashion (Prices are exclusive of UK VAT)

a. YSL Y-Front Leather Tote - was £1023, now £622.61 (Black), £433.04 (Beige)

b. Pierre Hardy Leather Tote - was £690, now £293.92 (Both horizontal and vertical versions)

c. Pierre Hardy Yellow Trim Trainers - was £201, now £102.61

d. Pierre Hardy Gold Trim Trainers - was £181, now £102.61

e. Alexander McQueen Leather Tote - was £722 now £424.35

2) Browns Fashion (Prices are inclusive of UK VAT exclusion, so will be lower for international orders during checkout)

a. Lanvin Leather Square Toe Oxfords - was £510, now £260

b. Dries Van Noten Ostrich Skin Lace-ups - was £390, now £235

c. Dior Homme Silver Trim Trainers - was £280, now £145

d. Balenciaga Black Trainers - was £305, now £155

Both sites ship internationally with a charge of £30.

Do your part to 'save the economy'! :-P

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, I just bought myself the Lanvin side zip sneakers (like the one you've bought, except it's the black and silver leather with blue side zipper) from Browns - bargain at £180. :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Congrats! That is a great pair of shoe. I love mine.

And you got it at an incredible price:-) Good for you! said...

went to browns yesterday and it was so crowded! i need to exercise restrain!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I am sure there are huge crowds going for the sale! In SG, it's the many people in orchard road. It's too chaotic. Did you get anything from Browns?

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I have those Balenciaga high tops! Got mine at Joyce in HK :D

Anyway, I want the YSL Y-Front Leather Tote in beige soooo bad!

Homme Times said...

yves Saint LAurent is really starting to suprise me now. There Acessories are starting to out shone their clothes.
The Balenciaga's remind me of Raf Simmons. I think I'd opt for Balenciaga though. said...

no i didn't, too many people! i saw the bottega penny loafers on sale which i've been eyeing forever! but it is still around £200+ :(

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hey Wax,

Yes, I saw you wearing the shoes on your blog. It's nice!

Go grab the beige bag! It's such a good price.

And Homme Times, YSL has amazing accessories. And the clothes are nice in a way that is french chic only the brand can create.

And Joseph, everyone likes a good bargain. I read on the news, there were anti fur protest at Harrods. :-P I love your dries bag. said...

oh those anti fur protesters are there almost every other weekend, they are always there when i go. they crowd by the main entrance which i always avoid, i always go in via the side entrance ha! (not that i am wearing fur, but exotics is on my mind these days...!)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hahaha:-) Yeah, better dun be near them if you are thinking animal skin!

Anonymous said...

hey. i heard ysl in new york is going to have that black ysl y front leather bag in the biggest size - very slouchy soon ON SALE!!