Sunday, 14 December 2008

It's A Shopping Friday!

'Cinderella' Friday...

Dun you love it when you do not have to work on a weekday while others are working. The feeling is simply incredible. The streets are less crowded, everywhere is more peaceful. It feels like a holiday altogether. That is exactly what I indulged myself in for this Friday. I took a day of leave, sort of to clear all my remainder off days before the year closes. Dec is such a wonderful month. I always love December. There is a sense of relieve that there is closure to a year and the best part, is you work less days than other months! I am looking forward to my long stretch of leave starting from X'mas eve! Hurray!

Enough about annual leave, so Friday was a good relaxing day which I planned to get my long overdue haircut and colour, away from the weekend crowds. I also planned to take advantage of weekday movie prices and watch 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'. But before the day ends for Thursday, I got an SMS informing me about the further markdowns at Club 21's sale. What better timing to let this happen than on my off day! The 'shopping gods' of Club 21 do 'favour' me and wants me to 'benefit' from their benevolent discounts:-P I gladly obliged.

I made my rounds all over my favourite stores as early as 11:00am. Early bird gets the worm. I thought, haircut can wait. Shopping starts first.:-P Dolce & Gabbana, D&G, Mulberry (Oh Shimmy bag is nice!) and of course, my top choice, the grand 'mecca' of high fashion, Club 21 mens. Amen.

Indeed, with discounts at 50% and beyond, things that do not appeal to me previously suddenly looked tempting. It's 'orgasmic' to see things at half price. (Ooops. I am starting to feel like 'Rebecca Bloomwood'. NOOOOOOOOO).

As I mentioned, the best deals are the shoes in Club 21 Mens. I had to. I cannot resist.

'Cinderella' Friday, yes it is. Cos' all the good shoes I wanted are in my size. Thank you 'Fashion Gods' of Club 21. That is how I ended up with 3 pairs of shoes, when I have only allowed myself to buy one. I felt guilty at first since I have many unworn shoes in their mint shoe boxes. But at such great prices, the guilt fades away soon enough.:-P

This is not good, I am beginning to sound like the 'real life' version of 'confessions of a shopaholic'.

I am on a shoe ban for 2009 now. Must resist...must resist...must resist. Why am I seeing visions of baked beans ahead of me?!?! :-P

(Oh BTW, that ugly wrapped 'Kiam cai' white pile of mess is a pair of shoe. I asked to throw away the box. Hehe.)


Anonymous said...

I see Pierre Hardy and Lanvin! Open, open, open!!!

Anonymous said...

One of them has to be the lanvin captoe silver laceups.

Bagaholicboy said...


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Jay, as a fellow shoeholic...did you go to check out the shoes?

Got anything?:-P Reveal!

I will reveal mine later...taking pics.:-)

Anonymous said...

Nope. Didn't get anything after I bought 2 pairs of Prada at their recent sale. I'm officially on a shoe ban. Just bought some Prada and D&G tshirts overthr past 2 weekends. Nothing much. Leaving "space" for S/S 2009. Hahaha