Sunday, 15 June 2008

The Material Boy #105

YSL Large Downtown Bag In Military Green Canvas

Am I believing what I am seeing...oh my...the downtown bag actually comes in canvas as well? And in my favourite masculine hue of military green? I want! I want! I need this bag!

This is such an amazing discovery. While reading Joseph's blog, I found this other blog by a french guy. Although the entire blog is in french, the pictures says everything! I need this downtown bag. (I am seriously repeating myself a lot here) Questions abound, is this version of the downtown bag from the current season or the next fall season, since the post was dated 3 June 2008.

I am lusting all over now, I am so jealous! This would be the perfect guy version of need to even 'gender bender' anything:-P I need to be in Paris...I need to buy the bag!

Anyone with any info about this version of the downtown bag, please contact me here!

Pics from brieuc75


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering the similar thing since I used to have the same long downtown in navy blue canvas. This one looks exactly the same except it's in military colored. i really like this bag too, i ended up selling mine... maybe i'll snatch this up if it's a new release

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Good luck on your search! Let me know if you have any success:-)

Here in Singapore, the YSL store only stocks the leather versions. Limited range, 95% women's items.

Anonymous said...

Nice. It can really pass off as a manbag. The rugged look just makes it more apparent.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me. I really want this bag from Goyard. Anyone knows how i can get my hands on THE coveted brand?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi jay,

happy sunday!

yes, this is one bag that I dun think any women will want to carry, It's so macho!:-) So perfect for guys! I love it! I love military inspired bags. I use my miu miu military green canvas bag everyday. It goes with everything!

as for goyard, it is a very elusive brand. All I know is you probably have to buy the bag in either HK (nearest) or Paris. Maybe London will have the store...check out their website!:-)

BTW, are you ready for club 21 sale? It's happening next Thursday for cardmembers!:-)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately no. There's no Goyard in London. Not even in Harrods I think. *sob*

Will i love the bag enough to take a day trip to HK? *crazy thought*

Anonymous said...

Think I'm passing up on Club21Men. Working my money when I make that trip to london. Figured i might probably get nicer stuff there. But i might also speak too soon...well we'll see. haha

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I goyard in London. Strange...London should have most labels.

Yeah, to be honest, whatever Club 21 still has in the store are really the less exciting pieces. I was there on Sat and could not find anything that I really like. Except simple things like a polo and necklace. Nothing outstanding that I want is still available. I read on a local newspaper, Club21 is having double digit growth in retail sales this year. My god..which translate that a lot of things are sold at full price. I want to buy the Jil Sander mesh tote or the balenciaga linen bag...but all sold out:-( grrr... said...

according to my fake french, he mentioned the word "soldes", which is sale in french!

you have so many bags, do you actually rotate and use them all, or are some "white elephants" like you say??

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I want I want! And in sale...oh my...

I have too many bags. I rotate them, but not every one of them. Some are indeed white elephant. I need to start selling. I should put up a list of bags for sale soon.

Ash said...

Apparently, our Mr. Brice got his hands on not one but a bunch of invites to a very secretive private sale. On top of that, with his connections, he got to be there a day before the sale started, hence he could get his hands on basically whatever he wanted. Some people are just so lucky. He was giving away to whoever who wanted the invites. If only I was a loyal follower of his blog. I will check out the YSL men's store tomorrow and tell you about it.

Speaking of YSL, I was at his funeral the other day, Pierre Bergé gave such a moving speech that moved some of my classmates to tears. Although it was a solemn ceremony, the sight gave us goosebumps. The congregation of many designers, JPG, Galliano, Rykiel, Valentino, Elbaz, etc all sitting together. We, the fashion hopefuls, were hoping that we could tap into the creative energy of our heroes, all sitting there in the pew. Sigh

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh my god, he is one lucky fella!

I wish I was in Paris, I will be hitting the YSl immediately to try to get that bag!


Parisians are so lucky!

BTW, yeah, lots of designers were present at the YSl funeral. It was amazing. Shows he was a highly respected designer in France.

Update me on your YSL trip. I would love to hear what's available there, especially this bag and the price.

Anonymous said...

oh i love this!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm the boy with the YSL Large Downtown Bag In Military Green Canvas!!! Bought for sale last week for 200 euros! i'd bought also the same in brown leather for 250 euros for private sales. It's from fall collection.
Read my blog to see my other bags : like the python gucci bag or the hermès bag "haut à courroies".

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Brieuc,
hello there! I read your blog yesterday. Went thru many pages of it. I see you are a bag fan as well! Dun we love the python Gucci bag! Mine's in caramel colour and I love it so much.:-)

You are so lucky to get that YSl bag in Canvas! I love that so much. And at's a steal! Lucky you. Even the leather downtown...250euros...that's such good bargain! I bought mine for almost 800 euros and that's after a 40% discount! Grrr....

You should get another of the militray green canvas downtown and sell to me. hahaha.

you have a fantastic blog although I only can understand the pictures. But I use translation software to understand some posts:-)

Keep up the great blog! You have got style.

If you examine closely, we have many items similar. Like our python bag, the red gucci jeans, the prada phone, the YSL downtown bag etc:-)

ciao ciao! will definitely check out your blog all the time. I love 'reading' it.

bagcraze said...

OMG that is soooooo pretty!!! i want one :( and i want it REALLY bad!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yeah, exactly, Diana...I love the YSL downtown in Military green canvas! So utility me. hahaha. I can go with another month of baked beans to own that:-P Do you know Brieuc paid only 200euros for that bag? Lucky fella...I am green with envy! Never have I experience such a good deal!

We should both go to paris and grab one now! hahaha:-P

Kevin said...

Eur200 for the downtown bag??!!!

i am going to paris in july, hook me up with private sales!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Joseph,

I would grab a bunch if I ever find downtown bags that in every colour and material. hahaha

I can't believe how much mark down they get for past season, and only a season away. My gosh.

If you find the canvas downtown bag this cheap, help me to buy one and sell to me on ebay. hahahah

Anonymous said...

If you'll come in paris, tell me. I can prepare for you a nice visit of goods shops! Don't forget : sale's hermès at 25 of june...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you Brieuc,

that is very nice of you to show me the good shops!:-P

Nothing like a good insider's shopping tips!

Ahah...26 June! Just next week! More shopping for you at Hermes? Post your finds! wOuld love to see what you may have gotten:-)

bagcraze said...

jeez 200 euros!!!
why do i have to live in my so called 3rd world country but the designer shops here sells for much more than in europe, never go on a "real sale" and people still buying them :(

brieuc, u're soooo lucky!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I got jealous as well, Diana. :-P It's such a good bargain!