Thursday, 1 January 2009

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #18

YSL Green Wool Biker Jacket Is On Sale!

For those who have been wanting this gorgeous jacket from YSL but either cannot find it or do not want to pay full's your chance to grab it! It's on sale now at US $639, down from US $1595. WOW...more than 50% discount.

And sizes are available from 46 to 56. This is the time to buy this if you have been searching high and low for this jacket.

Brieuc75 owns one and it looked amazing on him. Joseph loves this jacket as well and did a post on it. H&M tried to do a 'cheaper' take on this jacket but it cannot match up to the real deal:-P whose beauty is unparalleled.

Happy shopping!



Anonymous said...

Happy new year kevin.
don't talk to much about this jacket because i want to be the only one with ;-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...


Ooops. Oh dear...hope you dun mind the post.

You got first hand in showing off the jacket! So you are still the coolest. Not everyone can pull off the look.:-)


Hope you had a wonderful celebration.:-P

Kevin said...

i love this and the turquoise jacket but london doesn't have any more sizes. only ships in the US, and with the pound at all time weak it is virtually impossible for me to get this jacket :'(

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

This is when you need to mobilise your shopping troopers (namely friends!) in USA:-) Hehehe.

It's gorgeous. But I dun have much use of this jacket, since I live in the tropics. :-P You should give this jacket a good run for its money, looking fab along the way:-P

Anonymous said...

I wanted this but they didn't have my size, could you believe that!? I need size 0 lor seriously.

Oh well, Now I can get that margiela jacket~ one less decision to make!