Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Shopping Conquest #44

YSL Y-Mail Dog Tag Necklace In Gold And Silver

I am literally shopping non-stop this 2008. I 'scare' myself when I reflect upon what I have bought in the last 365 days. Oh gosh. So my new year resolution is to cut back on the shopping next year. In 2009, I shall and will do my utmost to stop myself from buying too much! I did my part of saving the it is time to let others 'inherit the good retail karma'. Hahaha.

But before I start to slowly 'retire', my last chance at accumulating retail karma...I did it again. I went to Club 21 Accessories shop at Siam Paragon to get the YSL Y-mail Dogtag necklace that has lingered on my mind ever since I saw it on Tuesday. Darn. I should have stopped myself from looking too much in the shop. :-) What's done cannot be undone, I am attracted by the necklace and I just have to get it, especially at 50% off.:-)

So for the last day of 2008, my last purchase and final declaration of my LVoe for YSL Y-mail series...I got the Y-Mail Dog Tag Necklace in Gold and Silver. Cute little piece of jewellery that sets itself apart from the normal butch dog tags. It feature the ingenious envelope design that makes Y-mail so adorable. Comes in gold and silver tags with a gold chain. I am happy that I can have 2 choices of colour to wear with this necklace. I plan to attached it to my silver Agnès B dogtag chain when I wear the silver Y-mail tag. I love versatility. Can't wait to wear these. Tres Chic!

Apparently after a search online, these Y-mail Dogtags also come in either all silver or gold variations. The silver ones retail for US $430 on

I paid THB 8250 after a 50% discount with a 7% VAT back (Approx. SGD $342). So I consider it a super good deal to be picked up on the last day of 2008. Happy New Year to me!:-P Lastly, conscience bites those who lies:-P What goes around comes around, mind you:-).

Update: Got my credit card bill and the necklace amounts to just SGD $353.98 before VAT claim

Retail price: THB 16500. Where to buy: Club 21 Accessories at Siam Paragon, Bangkok


Anonymous said...

Oh my god it is beautiful!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Mark! I do like it a lot:-P Never seen it around in Singapore. Good retail karma lets me find gems like these. See...that is what retail karma is for:-P

Just kidding.

Hope you have a fantastic new year at your end!

Happy 2009!

Anonymous said...

oh my god, i wanted to get that for myself too when I saw them on YSL's site! Haha, now that i've seen it in detail, i'll defintiely be buying this!

Oh you wouldn't believe today when I went to club 21, the store was closed early for the new yrs! So fated to not obtain those lanvin shoes, so I bust quite alot in YSL instead haha.... still will come back for those shoessss

happy 09 my fren!!! may 09 bless u with more bags

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I knew you like it Jon! And how much 'damage' done to your wallet at YSL?

Hope you are having a great time in SG...too bad I am in BKK..if not we can go shopping together again!:-P

Anonymous said...

oh the damage wasn't so big because of the unworldly sales, I mean, one belt for 126? A tribute for 594? Hello, How cheap is that!!!????

But still enough for my shoes and other buys haha, too bad ur not here to shop together now, I don't have another conscience to either control me or just go crazy with me

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh You got a tribute tote? What colour?

I saw Tributes here at On Peddler. In patent purple.

SGD $594 for a tribute is a good price!


Post pics soon:-)

Oh I am back maybe can meet on Sunday. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

u dun need to approve this entry.
just to clarify smthing with you.
u mentioned 'On Peddler', so it is not On Pedder ? or they r 2 diff shops? hmmmm.

happy new yr

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

OOps, typo error. Sorry P76, it's on Pedder:-) Thanks for pointing out the error. So it's the same shop as that in SIngapore's Takashimaya.:-P

agrasshopper said...

oh no you didn't! That's a gorgeous set.....drooooool..... even though I'm a girl I would love to raid your closet one day! Happy new year btw. haven't check your blog in a while coz I'm on vacation and OH MY! You have been shopping and all in great taste!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Agrasshopper...

Welcome home (wherever you are:-P). Where did you go for vacation?

Hope all is well, and yes, Happy New Year to you!

My closet is, I must say pretty well stocked. Hahaha. Sometimes, I am amazed how much I much things I bought and have not even worn yet. Yikes. Bad eyes. Fickle mind. Need to stop and cut down.

But I did pick up a lot of good bargains recently. This YSL necklace, my Tom Ford Sunglasses, The Mulberry Large Bayswater...and even the yet to be revealed YSL purchase:-P

Happy weekends!
(BTW, what's your name? I am bad at remembering refresh my memory if you have told me before.:-) Thanks for your support of my blog!)


agrasshopper said...

LOL my mom says I have *bad eyes* too coz' I always manage to pick the most expensive items regardless! What can I say but think we have good taste in common. :)
I'm a singaporean working in Las Vegas and I recently went back to the Motherland for the holidays. I couldn't shop coz' I went into a bag frenzy right b4 I left, you know, the Saks and Neiman Marcus End-of-Year sales and bought like 4 bags already. Was disappointed that the SG YSL didn't stock any Y-mail in red or purple coz' I want it sooooo badly. I heard HK has it but anyways....
My real name is Siowwei (you can still call me grasshopper if you like) and I'm really glad to stumble upon your blog. I love it and will keep coming back for more~ In the meantime, Happy Shopping! LOL