Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Shopping Report Card #03

Kevin's Fall Winter 2008 Sales Season Shopping Report Card

Okay...I must admit I was a bit surprised at what I acquired during the sales in a season which I found minimal attraction to what's in the stores. It's amazing, I still managed to acquire so many things despite the poor season's offerings. Perhaps, that is why you see me with more accessories and shoes than clothing. These items are with discounts ranging from 10% to 70%!

With the upcoming economic downturn, I will watch my spending and this will be my last shopping spree for a while:-P Even Kevin feels the pinch from the economy. Hahaha. And contrary to believe, I dun have magic Visa cards that makes 'shopping miracles' happen:-) hehehe.

So to Joseph and all other friends and shoppers out there, do not feel bad about what you buy. You are not alone in 'saving the economy'!

Left to right from top to last row:

1) Agnès B Star Shaped Bag Charm
2) Bally Baltic Canvas Tote
3) D&G Grey Slim Fit Woven Shirt
4) Mysterious item which will be revealed soon:-P
5) Balenciaga Giant Coin Purse
6) D&G Pink Stripe Slim Fit Woven Shirt
7) Agnès B Dog Tag Necklace
8) Pierre Hardy Strap Sandals
9) Tom Ford 'Ford' Nut Brown Sunglasses
10) Lanvin Side Zip Trainers
11) 3rd Pair Of Shoe From Club 21 (Will reveal soon)
12) Paul Smith Laptop Bag
13) YSL Y-mail Dogtag Necklace

What have you got this sale season which sees phenomenal discounts on offer?

Awaiting restraint for 2009:-)


oh fudge said...

I'm not so good when it comes to sale. I only learn of it once it's nearing to an end.

Anonymous said...

wow!so many nice stuffs....

you r really the savior of the envious! wish i can do so oso but i m a coward....heard everything bad will come after CNY...

i am holding on....hahaha

all the best and happy new year!:)

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