Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Fashion Inspiration - Balmain Homme In Huge Magazine

Balmain Homme In HUGE Magazine

Japanese high end style magazine, HUGE has featured Balmain Homme in their latest issue as a key editorial feature! Oh my, those shots starring model Ash Stymest are fabulous! Move aside Dior Homme...good bye Hedi Slimane...Christophe Decarnin is here to steer men crazy with his Balmain Homme collection instead. (Click on pics to enlarge for better view)

If the Japanese take on well to Balmain's new menswear, soon the world will follow in huge hordes.

Thanks to Mervyn for his twitter heads up!

Take a stand. Who do you think makes a better Balmain model? Ash or Clément

And here's an interview from Club 21's website with their menswear buyer on his insights for the debut Balmain Homme collection:

- Sexy rock chic at Balmain Homme

Low Long Cheng from Club 21 menswear merchandising is all shook up about Balmain
Homme by Christophe Decarnin. He tells RICKY YEO why.

Hi, LC – what’s all the fuss about Balmain-ia?
Christophe Decarnin originally started at Balmain women’s wear. At a time when “pretty” dominated the catwalk shows, he stood out for introducing a daring, sexy rock ‘n’ roll attitude with inflections of 1980s glamour. His edgy, outrageously glamorous look quickly became a hot favourite with fashion editors, stylists and socialites from New York to Tokyo. The exaggerated shoulder or “tennis ball shoulder” on jackets and dresses, as well as sexy body- conscious dresses encrusted with crystals were crazy-wild! For Balmain Homme, the rock ’n’ roll styling is translated into beautifully cut jeans with distressed treatments; perfect T-shirts; and sexy, masculine leather shoulder pieces.

What’s the strongest look from Balmain Homme AW09?
Jeans with a leather blouson.

These apparels are perfect for what occasions?
These looks take the quintessential inner city Parisian guy from day to night – in unassailable style.

What’s notable about the make or fabrication?
The collection is mostly in leather and denim with special distressed and damaged treatments.

An accessory to lust for.
The chain metal belts rock!

Describe the personality of the man who wears Balmain Homme.
The Balmain Homme man has a sexy, knowing Parisian street attitude with a just-got-out-of-bed look. Perfect for the fashionable dude who lives the rock ’n’ roll life. He’d go, on a typical Saturday, to the chic Angelina’s on Rue Rivoli for tea; then trudge to a gritty pub for an indie rockin’ night out. He moves in and out of formal society and the underground subcultures with ease.

Balmain Homme is now available at Club 21 Mens Singapore, Four Seasons Hotel

Source: Club 21, Slamxhype


clare83nce said...

Any idea where to get the chain metal belt? looks hot!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

The chain belt is available @ Club 21 mens store at Four Seasons Hotel if you are based in SG. It costs about SGD $1300 for the thin version and more for the broader ones:-P

Anonymous said...

This is a strange statement, amnesic. Balmain Homme is a total rip off of Hedi's style from A to Z.
The clothes obviously, proportions, and mood, are an average cheap copycat version of Hedi Slimane's designs.
Then Ash (first vogue homme japan) and Clément (London dior show) had both their careers started, day one, by Hedi Slimane. then the huge photographs are a caricature of Hedi's fashion diary, mood, poses, and attitude toward the camera (even Clément C. poses like Hedi in the Balmain lookbook, they almost look alike).
You guys should instead put the influence in perspective, and buy vintage, collectible Dior Homme. Original will always be better than the copy.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...


The cold hard fact is Hedi Slimane's Dior Homme is no longer in production. It's a thing of the past. Fashion as Anna Wintour puts it, looks forward. and Balmain homme seems to be gaining attention. U cannot deny that.

And since you are an avid fan of Hedi, just pray for his return to the fashion scene soon.

U cannot just blatantly accuse a designer for copying without any substantial grounds. Designers draw inspirations from everywhere. Hedi did. Kris van assche did and of course Balmain did.

Shane B said...

They're are worth selling your kidney ...:) I just hope they do the blazer like they do with women, with the 80's high shoulder! Hedi is past tense and we all will be thrilled if he comes back, but it's always good thing to see upcoming and promising designers

Peace, Peace, and enjoy Balmain Homme

yann said...

Balmain homme will be the next Dior homme!
J'adore ton blog
I love your blog!

M.P.C said...

Well, in any case, at least we're getting good design a la Hedi Slimane regardless of the label.

If Christophe Decarnin can pull it off and make it look current – all the better. He made us sit up and notice, no? When was the last time KVA did that? When his appointment was announced?

I'm all for Balmain Homme vis a vis Dior Homme by KVA.

Nico said...

The collection is reminiscent with Hedi's past collections, but I have to say that Balmain Homme has a lot more rock n' roll infused with it. It's not classic elegance--some thing you wear in formal events--but it totally passes as party/clubbing/tough and edgy wear.

world of sekimachihato said...

mmm, i'm a fan of huge mag!