Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Material Boy #318

Men's Boots Fall Winter 2009

'Booty' call anyone?!?! If your answer is yes, then you are in for one of the major key trends for menswear this Fall Winter 2009...BOOTS! The taller the better, the tougher the more in style. Equestrian, Military or Biker style?...No matter what the incarnations, boots are coming into this fall winter season with a vengeance. Seen on major menswear runway of Lanvin, Ann Demeulemeester, Balmain, Gucci and many more, men and boys are seen strutting down the catwalk in these masculine and powerful footwear. Even our fairer gender are seen spotting leather thigh high versions and looking meaner and sexier than ever.

Here's my picks for this 'booty' season:

1) Lanvin Leather And Wool Lace-up Boots – £810
2) Rick Owens Chunky Sole Leather Boots - £695

3) Gucci Acid Wash Multi-coloured Leather Boots – US $895

4) Martin
Margiela Brown Distressed Leather Ankle Boots - £455
5) Ann
Demeulemeester Leather Vitello Boots – £695

Which one tickles your fancy?:-P

Source: Browns Fashion, Gucci


Anonymous said...

oh boy!

jolly arora said...

nice blog

Aman Toor
jolly arora

Davine said...

The Ann Demeulemeesters, hands down!s

Anonymous said...

i guess its time to bring these out once again


im all set ;-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, Javier, dust off those boots...it's time to get them walkin'


and Davine, I am also rooting for the Ann D version! Lanvin comes close at 2nd:-p being no side zips...it's going to be a pain to wear and take off. Yikes.

Gucci ones are interesting as well.

oh fudge said...


They're in this month's issue of Attitude magazine and they look fab.

However, they're too pricey. GBP 810? I need a sugar daddy. :-)

d said...

hey i was just wondering,

when u ordered ur pants from luisaviaroma, was there any import fees/tax on the sg side?

thanks :)

Benjamin said...

I love Rick Owens boots!


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi D,

yes, there are import fees of SG's 7% GST:-)

So do keep in mind that when you buy online. Anything above SGD $400 will need to pay GST.



Gary Needham said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks to your post on these boots from last month it helped me focus on a few boots for this A/W. I was set on getting either the Gucci boots or Lanvin boots and saw them both in London last weekedend. Thanks for this post. Wondered if you had seen the Gucci's yourself since holding them in the store on Bond Street they looked and felt a bit cheap. The photo makes them look amazing too. The 'acid wash' is actually a print on patent leather rather than a treatment on the boot's leather itself - all the boots were identical and looked like cheap plastic. The side zip was a nice detail though. AND the Gucci staff were not very nice either. Eventually i settled on the wool boots from Lanvin even though i really wanted the Lanvin knee high version. Therefore, wondered what you thought of the Gucci's if you had a chance to see them up close. Look forward to your next post. Gary

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Gary,

Sorry for my delayed reply...again..been on the road and had not much time to blog.

Yes, have seen all the boots in person. And amongst the ones you mentioned, Lanvin's boots are some of the best I have seen. It has a less conventional design and is something I can see wearing even after this season is over. Since these shoes costs almost an arm and leg, it is best to invest in something worth transcending trends and can wear them even in the next few seasons. Lanvin definitely fit the bill. I would also go for the lower cut version since the laces are a nightmare.

As for the Gucci boots, unless you have lots of spare cash or cannot do without the shoes, I will not recommend. The acid wash print is interesting only for this season. It is a statement piece for the current season and sadly I do not see the boots working beyond the next 5 months. The material is somewhat patent leather and is delicate and less than sightly if getting all abused and worn out. There are better shoes out there that can make a statement while being timeless. If you can get your hands on that pair of Givenchy bondage shoe, I will go for that. The lower cut of course. the taller ones seem too much of an overkill.

hope this helps!

David Ross Jackson said...

Hi There...I am trying to find out where I can get the Gucci Acid Wash Multi-colored Boot that you have featured here. please email me at djhighnote4u@yahoo.com Thanks!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi David Ross,

Chances are slimmer now to locate these boots since Gucci started their sale quite a few weeks ago. So you should start calling the Gucci stores in your area or browse thru websites. Best place to find these will be at Gucci stores as these are the current Fall Winter season offerings.

Good luck!