Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Kevin Goes To Burberry #07

Below: Carine Roitfeld at the Burberry Spring Summer 2010 Womenswear Show...
She is without a doubt one of the most stunningly gorgeous guests of the event!
(Click on pic to enlarge! for better view of Carine!)

Below: Her immaculate and sharp dressing. The skirt has such interesting lacy and ruffled detailings at the back...not to mention those killer heels...Carine is style!

Carine Roitfeld And Her Mega Style And Star Presence!

Buberry's return to London especially for London Fashion Week's 25th Anniversary has brought much hype and attention to the usually 'neglected' fashion circuit stop for top fashion editors. Big names in fashion flocked to London just for the event, putting the city back in fashion limelight! You can see how important Burberry's point of view is to in the fashion world.

Good news for London...even better news for me! I get to see so many of my fashion idols!

One of the highlights of attending the Burberry Spring Summer 2010 Womenswear Show is to meet and greet my fashion idols since ions ago! And I was ecstatic when Carine Roitfeld made a grand entrance at the show venue. She is my biggest LOVE!

She arrived at the show venue in a very chic all black ensemble (ladies..peaked shoulders is so in trend, I see so many women wear big shoulders!) but her allure and star presence are so irresistable and blinded the media and other guests in the venue! All eyes were on her and camera flashes bursting non-stop. Carine may be a big name in fashion, she is without airs and very acommodating. She smiles all the time and allow her fans to take pics of and with her! I literally 'stalked' her at the after party just to get a shot with her! Thanks to fellow blogger Brieuc75:-P We are true 'partners' in crime!

My pic with Carine will be revealed soon!:-P I am ecstatic...still reeling in what I have seen and heard from last night. The Burberry collection is will pose pics and clips of the runway show very soon. Goodbye to London for the time being...heading to Paris today! Back again end week...:-P

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Anonymous said...

i really love that she repeats her clothes. i've seen pics of her wearing that same skirt before.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, Freshmess...I was so bewildered seeing her in person and up close and personal. I had to down some drinks before me and Brieuc went hunting her down at the after party and I boldly ask if I can take a pic of her:-) and one with me in it. Heheheh.

She is so friendly. I really admire that she does not have airs.

Me am an even bigger Carine fan now.


Anonymous said...

Time to show that photo with Carine. And no face masking, Kev! :)

Nico said...

Carine is such a great editor. I love her work, I love her style. Maybe it's time for me to flip another Paris Vogue.