Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Material Boy #323

Below: Mulberry Mabel Holdall With Shoulder Strap - UK 995 pounds

Below: Mulberry Maxi Mabel Bag in Oak - UK 995 pounds

Below: Mulberry Mabel Messenger - UK 495 pounds

Below: Mulberry Mabel Garment Bag - UK 995 pounds

Mulberry Mabel Range Of Bags

If you have been a fan of Mulberry's Mabel range of bags, then you will rejoice with the introduction of new 'members' to join the Mabel family. One of the most welcomed new designs is the Mabel Holdall which comes now with a handy shoulder strap and a slimmer, less bulky shape. Perfect for the gym or even a weekend escapade, handsfree while carrying:-) Maxi Mabel bags may be an attractive bag design, but often than not, the huge size can be cumbersome to use it as a day to day companion. The lack of shoulder strap also makes it restrictive.

But if you are still a fan of the Maxi Mabel bag, don't worry, this design is not going away anytime soon. But instead for Fall Winter 2009 season, we see the Maxi Mabel bag given a new breath of life with soft spongy leather and now crafted in the highly coveted classic Mulberry Oak colour:-) An instant bag beauty.

However, if you still feel totes and shoulder bags to be too overwhelming for you, Mabel Messenger is here to 'save' the day. This stunning and compact messenger bag has all the familiar design elements of the Mabel family but given a refreshing reincarnation as a shoulder sling bag style which lots of guys adore.

Lastly, for the travelling guy who needs to pack a suit or two on the go, Mulberry has also added a Garment Bag to the Mabel range so now you can match up your Holdalls for complete Mulberry travelling chic:-) How thoughtful.

Prices starts from UK 495 pounds.

Source: Mulberry

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Shane B said...

They finally heard my voice! I am very much liking the Oak:)