Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Material Boy #324

Neil Barrett 2 piece Flannel/Lightweight Knit Blazer

Neil Barrett is an innovator. This designer seem to like to push creative boundaries and offer new and refreshing take on his clothing. I am often surprise by some of the pieces he sends out on his runway.

One good example is the Neil Barrett 2 piece Flannel/Lightweight Knit Blazer. When I first saw it on the runway pictures, it was just another blazer with some colour blocking details on the shoulders and under the sleeves. However, there is more than meets the eye...never did I expect the blazer to be a composite of a vested portion and an underlying cardigan. When layered over each other, it looks indiscernible as a single blazer! This may not be a totally fresh idea of transforming clothing, but it is the execution that makes it fresh and original. The expose lightweight knitted portions of the underlying cardigan is used as a design element rather than a random thought. Good concepts are what justifies the price for luxury brands. You are buying into an idea, like an art piece or music:-) And this blazer will rarely see a knock off from fast fashion brands because of the avant garde concept and complex construction. So you are ensured of originality for the purchase.

Me heart the blazer! I am now warming up to Neil Barrett:-P

Source: The Corner, Frillr

Retail price: Euro 1110. Where to buy: The Corner

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