Sunday, 6 September 2009

My MANy Bags News #125

Below: Video with the full cast...sizzling hot!

Below: Behind the scenes...ohlala...

Below: Tyson Ballou...drools...

Below: Noah Mills...double drool...

Below: Claudia Schiffer still looking sexy after all these years...

D&G Anthology Fragrance Commercials

Check out these sizzling clips of commercials for the D&G Anthology Fragrance...Tyson Ballou, Noah Mills...I think my heart just skip a beat.

Who would have guessed Claudia is still so much in shape and beautiful! Go girl:-P

Check out my previous post on these fragrances here.

Source: D&G

1 comment:

oh fudge said...

oh, so that's his name: Tyson Ballou

I've had the crush on him since I was still in Manila, watching shows on FTV (Fashion TV).

I love his face.