Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Runway Sniper #32

Below: Get ready for sexy D&G Cowboys next Spring Summer 2010!

Below: My new favourite male model, Sebastian Lund. That vintage print (cowboy boots) tank is way cool!

Below: Distressed, patched work, studded or bleached, Denim is a key item in this collection...

Below: Tie dye never look this sexy...

Below: When the 'tough' cowboys gets spruced up in elegant tailoring...

Below: Plaid shirts are a must to go wild wild west! (and carry your messenger bag
like a clutch!)

Below: These are my favourite pieces of the collection, shirts and shorts printed with denim print!

Below: The indispensable aged leather jackets or western shirts with leather accents in a stylish cowboy's wardrobe:-P

Below: Backstage and details galore!

Below: My favourite shirt and shorts, up close and personal and on hot models:-P

Below: Impeccable tailoring...

Below: Model gone wild! He can jump for sure!

D&G Spring Summer 2010 Menswear

D&G hits the jackpot yet again with me. I love love love this new D&G collection for Spring Summer 2010. From Spring Summer 2009's St Tropez playboys, to Fall Winter 2009's aristocrats, now for 2010, D&G wants their boys to go west! It's back to plain old rugged outback styles, reminiscent of a British cowboy! (I feel the collection will resonate most with those 'Brokeback Mountain' fans:-P)

Since the theme is Old West and country, denim naturally becomes the centre of attention for the collection. Ripped, washed, patchwork or studded, these beautiful or sometimes 'over-the-top' pieces adds exuberance for the D&G cowboys. There is definitely not a moment of non-glamour when it comes to D&G. All the sex-charged muscle boys strut down the runway clad in chambray/western checkered shirts, vintage tees...feeling nonchalant, slightly 'dirt ridden', in full blown masculine attitude.

Noteworthy pieces are the shirts, tees and shorts overprinted with a denim shirt/jeans print. I thought that was so fun and yet clever. (Big reminder to self that I must get my hands on them once the collection hits stores (by then we will have 2 D&G stores in SG! Woohoo!)). Other must-haves includes the distressed slim fit denims (D&G cuts the best jeans), tan velvet blazer (or even the studs ones) or the 'dirt-road' trodden cowboy boots. I also adore the vintage prints on scoop neck tees which lends a carefree, bad boy flair.

Although D&G bags are not exactly outstanding and timeless, the highly adrenalin charged and sexy ready-to-wear is enough to cause major hemorrhaging of my credit cards come next Spring Summer. I need to standby CPR fast:-P

Watch the adrenalin charged runway video here. I love the music as well.

BTW, do click on each pic to enlarge to full size:-)

Source: Dolce & Gabbana

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Nico said...

Wow, D&G rode on the whole gaucho or cowboy wagon. I'm not a big fan of wearing Western since it's so cliched on the West, but Domenico and Stefano make it look good.