Thursday, 22 October 2009

My MANy Bags News #142

Below: Another coveted bag from Mulberry's Spring Summer 2010 collection... A refreshed take on the classic bayswater by adding a lovely bow detailing in the front with a Mulberry plaque in the middle. Sweet summer days next season? (Click on pic to enlarge to view high res version and admire all the details!)

Below: Comes in sophisticated black as well:-)

Below: As seen on the Mulberry presentation during London Fashion Week...

Mulberry Ruby Bayswater

Hurray! I finally managed to get high res pics of another coveted piece from Mulberry's Spring Summer 2010 collection.... Mulberry's Ruby Bayswater with a huge bow detail! Lots of you have been asking about this bag and now you can see the bag in its full splendour with the details. (Click on the pics to enlarge for better view). I love the leather bow, it is looking way much better than what I would have imagine, with a little Mulberry plaque attached in the middle. How cute:-). So ladies, will this be another lust worthy Mulberry acquisition for you?

Enjoy the pics.

Source: Mulberry

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Anonymous said...

I love that bag so much! Do you know when the Ruby bag will be on sale?? Thanks!