Thursday, 5 November 2009

LG New Chocolate Phone Launch Event #01

Below: Taiwanese model/actress Lin Chi Ling posing with the new LG Chocolate Phone for the media present at the press launch event! More pics to share later:-P Such a pleasure to see her in person up close and personal:-P

Back From Hong Kong!

After a rushed 2 day trip to Hong Kong for the launch of LG's new Chocolate Phone, I am home!

Brought back a great experience of what a press event is like. And first hand contact of what the phone feels like. Many pics to share and of course story of an unforgettable start for the trip:-P

More stories to follow later. But for the time being...a pic of mega star Lin Chi Ling posing with the new Chocolate Phone. Amazing asian beauty befitting of the spokesperson for LG's sexy new Chocolate phone.:-)

Thank you LG for the invite!

Pic by mymanybags

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