Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Runway Sniper #43

Junya Watanabe Spring Summer 2010 Men's Runway Video

The good folks at Très Bien Shop posted this Junya Watanabe Spring Summer 2010 Men's Runway Video. Ooooh, how I love the sound track. So french, so laid back...makes me wanna head to far away land and just chill... of course wearing those gorgeous Junya pieces:-P

(Do take note of the 2nd model...he walks so 'proudly' twisting his butt! Never seen male models this 'vain' and showy:-P The third model looks like he has severe cramp on his arms. So stiff and constantly tucked at the back... Weird models:-P)

Source: Très Bien Blog

1 comment:

Dr.Goedlukin said...

decent collection and ur right that model!!!
whats with the twist at 01:03 i think he was a little uncmfortable or was experiencing a wedgie!!!