Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #143

Below: 'Sheer' joy of Spring Summer 2011? Men's peekaboo torso and nipples?!?! Many designers are proposing transparency for next season. Neil Barrett's Spring Summer 2011 menswear sees lots of take on this transparency trend... sheer tops anyone? I like this look, blazer to show just a little and not too overwhelming for the eyes...

Below: Leather and sheer seemed to create an interesting opposing aesthetic of tough vs. the feminine... use transparency wisely to not look effeminate and trying too hard... (Neil Barrett SS2011)

Below: If you are shy, layer the translucent top over a solid for a more subtle take... (Neil Barrett SS2011)

Below: Burberry Prorsum proposes biker's take on masculine/feminine transparency trend... netted knit top over biker style pants and tough looking sandals...

Below: Military shirts in sheer fabric for Burberry Prorsum SS2011... again, tough over soft...

Below: Even more classic brands like Bottega Veneta are also not shying away from showing subtle skin... layer a trench over, show enough of pecs to tease... chest hair in minimal amounts please:-)

Below: Not even Hermès are spared from the invasion of transparency in menswear...

Below: Givenchy SS2011 also sees men dressing in sheer shirts, who says women can only do the seductive look:-)

Below: Nipple bearing seems fundamental for Spring Summer 2011 menswear... Lanvin agrees too...:-)

Below: Alexis Mabille SS2011 Menswear... sheer and flamboyant...

'Sheer' Joy For Spring Summer 2011

Remember this guy whom I commented I was against men showing off his nipples no matter what the situation is?

Time to eat my words back... *Glurp*. It may used to be 'socially' unacceptable for men to flaunt skin thru translucent fabrics (guys who do, screamed effeminate and fetish) things are about to change. Our female counterparts have always leverage on 'seduction' thru 'now you see it, now you don't' fabrics... now it is the guy's turn to 'shine' in this arena. (One thing I find strange is that guys wearing sheer tops are feminine, but it is strangely acceptable when guys bare the full torso during summer. That's considered masculine).

For Spring Summer 2011, transparency have been a big trend on the women's runway. But it seems designers all over have decided it is just as good a fashion statement for men as well. So here we are, presented on the runways of almost every major fashion brands, be it avant garde houses like Neil Barrett, Lanvin or Givenchy, or classic houses like Hermès and Bottega Veneta... each had their interpretations of transparency to some extent.

Nipples, pecs and abs 'peeked' in abundance thru sheer fabrics, lightweight knits or netted tops... it's 'male-physique' galore for any adoring eyes:-)

I wonder how widely adopted will this transparency trend be when Spring Summer 2011 hits full steam. I know if I am to wear sheer tops, I'd do it in Neil Barrett's style, militant and tough, over blazers and utilitarian pants to oppose the femininity of this subtle exposé. Or even Burberry Prorsum's biker take, with leather jackets complete with killer strap sandals.

What say you guys? Will you ever be ready to 'peekaboo' some nipples and abs?:-) Is it 'sheer joy' or 'sheer despair' for you?

Source: Vogue UK


A Slice of Tie said...

what is there to hide, really? During the warm months women are always allowed to bare more skin than men typically, it's about time guys are able to cool off with sheer (and mostly see-through) fabrics. I know I'll be jumping on board with this trend come the warm weather; however, it is hard to judge how acceptable this will end up being. Will I be allowed to shop around a store with my entire upper body basically exposed? Will I have to cover up for a lunch or dinner out? Will I get looks as I walk down the street or in the subway (although probably not the latter..)? I guess I will have to wait and find out!

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Nico said...

i think this look would take off at night. mainly because no one would see it ;P i consider myself pretty conservative when it goes down to dressing so no sheer for me unless there's a funky print that'll distract. its good for going to the club coz it lets your body breathe in that hot tight night clubbing situations. but really, its up to the person. sun or snow, sheer may be the way to go.