Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #187

Below: Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Mens Bags... sporty styles for the new urban warrior in Lanvin fans...

Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Mens Bags

We have looked at Lanvin Mens Shoes from the upcoming Spring Summer 2011 collection. But what about their bags and small leather goods? Are there any gems to be uncovered from the new collection?

Here's a preview of what will be available in the coming months. It seems the aesthetics follows that of the footwear and ready to wear pieces, with an emphasis on utilitarian and functionality. There is also a heavy sports attitude to the designs, as seen from the availability of waist pouches, body sling bags and gym duffels...all decorated with detailings from sports themes, such a trekking gear buckles and canvas straps from mountain climbing backpacks.

I am not sure how well received these deliberately 'scruffed' out bags will appeal to the Lanvin customer. But the geometric fabric patterns (Lanvin is famous for fabric innovation) on one of the huge totes is simply amazing... doubling up as a camouflage pattern in an unusual interpretation. I also like the use of perforated leather for handles on the duffels and soft leather carryall, immediately adding textural interest and sportive influences.

Of course, being a fan of exotics, those wallets and pouches (multi coloured python and reptile skin textures, I adore! Can I exchange my python skin pouch for the new coloured version?!?!) are a hot favourite:-)

Is the collection appealing to your inner Lanvin man? Or are they deviating too much from previous collections that they seem now out of place for your taste?

You decide.

Source: Lanvin

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Shane B said...

these are too standout to last for more than one season... even they're absolutely chic:)