Sunday, 17 October 2010

My Bag Collection #56

Below: Birthday present no. 1 to myself! Something from Lanvin!

Below: It's my new Lanvin Python Clutch Bag... another exotic item for my bag collection!:-P Love exotics!

Below: Lanvin's design is always understated and timeless... the branding is just discreetly marked on the zipper pull and a metal eyelet... Luxury that is to be appreciated thru its design and not the loud branding.

My 2010 Birthday Treat No.1:
Lanvin Python Clutch Bag

Once in a year, everyone is entitled to pamper themselves for that special day in their lives... their BIRTHDAY! Yes, mine is coming end Oct, so I have started to acquire some birthday treats to reward myself for surviving yet another year, thankful for what I have and for what I have achieved.

Since I am a shopping fan, what better indulgence than some shopping treats:) So Birthday present number #1 (more reveals to come!)... just hot off the shopping bag new Lanvin Python Clutch Bag in beige/natural colour! This will be my perfect statement bag for those many upcoming events I am attending. It's luxurious and yet understated and eye catching at the same time. I have always been on the hunt for clutches, simple folio style clutch bags that guys can use for any occassion. So this fits my requirements. The size is generous (almost A4), fitting an ipad easily, so you can be sure it can hold whatever you need for any parties. I love the python texture in beige/natural tones which makes the clutch versatile for dressing down or up. The python skin also adds a sense of luxury and exotic charm to accent any outfits. Since Lanvin is headed the grunge and edgy direction (as evident in this Fall Winter 2010 and next season's Spring Summer 2011), the python material has become a material prominently used in Lanvin's accessories (Shoes and bags). I love their take on exotics, always elegant and non too brash and vulgar.

Can't wait to take this baby out for a spin soon!

Grab yours today at Lanvin Hilton Hotel. Only 2 pieces each for 2 colours (Beige and a grey tone) are available. The price is unbelievably good for a exotic skin item!

Price: SGD 860. Where to buy: Lanvin Boutique at Hilton Hotel, Singapore

Source: myMANybags


wecouldgrowup2gether said...

im so jealous i wanna kill someone!

ToShiYaki said...

yea... was in Lanvin this afternoon too. good buy! guess i saw you too! ha!

Anonymous said...

Such a beauty! Congrats!

By the way, how do you care and maintain snakeskin? what cream to use to prevent the scales from curling?



Anthony said...

happy birthday

Dark Blue Jeans said...

wow love ittttttttt so beautiful

i want lanvin

LIGAF said...

If this ever goes into the my many bags for sale I'll buy it immediately! (:

Yar said...

hey im a girl but still completely love it, was going to get the jimmy choo python laptop case to use as a clutch but it was too obviously a laptop case to be a clutch for a girl...hey, as a guy, do you think for a girl, would a python clutch be more chic and sexy or a leopard one?

Yar said...

heyyyy i love this, was going to get the jimmy choo python laptop case and use it as a clutch, unfortunately it was too expensive and too laptopcase-i for a girl to use as a clutch...hey, as a guy with a great sense of style, would you say for a big clutch, is a leopard clutch more chic and sexy or a python one?