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My MANy Bags News #296

Below: Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the press day for Marc By Marc Jacobs... lovely SS2011 menswear collection I see myself wearing much... Thank you to Club 21 Global. Very enjoyable experience!

Below: Racks of upcoming pieces for the picking...nah, I'd wish! Time to touch and feel and even try on the pieces:-P Colour is the first word that strikes me when I enter the press room...

Below: Marc By Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2011 channels a youthful college energy of young boys scouring vintage stores or ransack old closets to put together clashing mix of colours and patterns for an upbeat look...

Press Day Visit #01: Marc By Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2011 Menswear

Today I had the privilege to attend Club 21's Press Day for not just one, but 3 of the brands under their portfolio, namely Mulberry, Marc By Marc Jacobs and DKNY Jeans. Doing a press visit is most delightful, as this is the best opportunity to get updated face to face on the ideas and themes of the collection, but also first hand to get to touch, feel and view each individual pieces up close and personal.

Therefore, I can be more convincing with the recommendations of my favourites, knowing I have personally experienced and seen each piece and not solely relying on pictures.

So first of my favourites from today's delightful press visit: Marc By Marc Jacob Menswear Spring Summer 2011

To be honest, merely browsing over's runway pics was not enough to excite me to like the collection. No doubt the bright colours, graphic stripe patterns and youthful energy are a sure winner for summer time, I cannot seem to envision myself adopting the looks.

But as I step into the Marc By Marc Jacobs showroom, one thing that strike me immediately... the upbeat energy emitting from the colourful menswear collection was much stronger when you can see the pieces in close proximity. The whole rack of delectable mens shirts, jackets, parkas somehow appear more wearable than it seemed on the runway. I was thinking to myself, I can wear this, or that or this or maybe this and this. I was definitely excited by the collection. These are clothes that make you happy, feel good and hence it's a thumbs up in my books.

I can name quite a lot of favourites, but I will narrow it down to these few, which ranks top on for me.

1) As a blazer fan, I am an instantly drawn to this wrinkled cotton mix (I suspect it's woven with linen) blazer in beige pinstripe (slightly greenish tone). The fitted cut, with a slightly shorter body, semi light-weight fabric (giving structure and hence not slouchy) cuts a smart silhouette any day on any guy.

Below: Love this pinstripe blazer, not everyday you encounter a light coloured pinstripe version, something formal turned casual smart immediately... fabric is not too slouchy but is semi structured to give more shape. Fitted cut for a great silhouette...

Below: Remember to throw in a pocket square for dandy flair...

Below: As seen on the Spring Summer 2011 runway... love this look!

I love the touch of pocket square peeking thru the pocket which adds to the dandy charm of the pinstripe blazer. We have usually seen pinstripe in sombre hues of greys and blacks, so it is refreshing to see a summer version in lighter tones. The blazer also comes with options to pair with baggy high-waisted shorts or suiting pants.

Both work well in my opinion, but I personally prefer the nonchalant style, achieved with the cute baggy schoolboy type shorts. Wear with trainers or sandals, you are all set to jet set for your next beach getaway! The Spring Summer 2011 runway has featured both pieces worn as seperates, and they go well with strong graphic stripes in neutral or bright tones. Highly recommended!

Below: Wear with this pair baggy shorts for a more relaxed look... very cute!

Below: The neutral coloured fabric of the shorts means you can go wild on colours or stay neutral... the slightly high waisted cut is boyish young:-)

2) Next up, I am a sucker for colours in summer. So naturally this Orange red cotton paisley print short sleeve shirt falls into my favourites list. Although it is worn under a trench as seen on the runway pic, the little spot of colour peeking from the collar is enough to spice up the otherwise plain look. So guys, do not shy away from colours... it's only when you overdo it, that colour will work against you. Bright colours accent your neutrals. Furthermore, when you inspect the fabric closely, you will also see interesting paisley pattern which gets u in touch with your softer side. Not a bad thing sometimes, to mellow down that over bearing masculinity that we often hang on to so dearly. Women loves a guy who knows when to express some sensitivity. If that is not enough to convince you... then this makes the perfect Chinese New year house visiting shirt. All your friends will welcome you as you simply scream good luck with that striking red:-)

Below: My next favourite...this bright orange red paisley shirt. Time for colours, boys!

Below: I adore the patterns... tiny flowers in complimentary colour tones...

Below: As seen on the runway..although only the collar is revealed, the colour is striking!

3) Another of my favourite has to be this contrasting stripe sweater that can be worn on it's own or under a jacket. The striking graphic stripe pattern in yellow/grey is bold, extending your 'girth' (okay, not for bigger guys) to enhance your stature. I am slim, so I welcome this visual illusion. One admirable detail for the sweater is the contrasting panelling of stripes in another colour on the sides that adds visual interest and colour depth.

Below: Graphic stripes is a strong propostion in this Marc By Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2011 collection...

Below: The details of contrasting panels and varying thickness of the stripes creates an interesting visual pattern...

Below: As seen on the runway in red and grey colour...

4) Lastly, I need to get this Khaki Green Light Knit Cardigan! It's a must buy! I love it for it's versatility and low maintenance (it's wrinkly! No ironing needed!). I also love it for the light weight knitting, keeping you sufficiently warm on summer breezy days but not suffocating you in sweat. Of course, the cardigan being Khaki colour, my favourite has that extra special attraction for me. am bias when it comes to Khaki green tones. So grab one for timeless appeal, it's a great piece to have not just this upcoming summer but any other summer season that follows.

Below: I love this light-weight wrinkled knit, low maintenance and transcends seasons...

Below: The stripe weave and wrinkled treatment makes it slim and fitted and can visually trim a few pounds off you! Khaki is also a very versatile colour:-) LOVE!

Enjoy the pics. If you are in Singapore, check out the duplex Marc By Marc Jacobs flagship store at Mandarin Gallery soon. Lovely collection that I am sure will resonate with that youthful zest in you. The collection is highly wearable even as seperates!

Thanks to Club 21 Global for the invite! More press day information to share soon... stay tuned.

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