Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #150

Below: Dull winters are over, Spring Summer is here. The season where even men can 'bloom' in pretty flowers... Jil Sander Spring Summer 2011 mens collection sees flower prints in small or large formats splashed across shirts and t-shirts...

Below: Etro does their ethnic inspired paisley prints... for the ever flamboyant men...

Below: Love the blazer!

Below: Yohji Yamamoto does his take on flowers, seeking inspiration dating back to the Era of dukes and barons... brocade style paisley prints from balloony shorts to full suits to footwear...

Below: Club 21 mens, Four Seasons Hotel, stocks this pair of paisley Yohji Yamamoto shorts... love the baggy but tapered cut, do you guys think it's a good idea for me to flaunt the short?!?! :-P

Below: D&G brings their spin on flower themes, straight from picnic grounds and suburbia... white picket fences and desperate housewives and husbands?

Below: Take a holiday to Hawaii and say aloha to the tropical flora...

Men In Bloom

Spring Summer is here. Dull Winters are over (at least in the fashion calendar). So let nature takes its course and welcome back colours and flamboyance into our wardrobes.

This Spring Summer 2011, men are 'blooming'...and I mean literally blooming. So many flower prints running amok on the men's Spring Summer 2011 collections. Designers have unabashedly introduced flower themes from small paisley, big motifs to tropical Hawaiian prints in their collections. Boys, it's time to let your sensitive side flourish... time to outshine our dear female counterparts.

Are you ready to be a man in bloom?

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