Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #192

Below: Mihara Yasuhiro's Spring Summer 2011 Womens collection offers controversial take on iconic bags... such as the 'Grunge Birkin' (I named it that!) which I adore till death! Need! (Price is SGD1490)

Below: Even Céline's Classic Box Shoulder Bag is not spared! How's that for bag sarcasm??!?

Below: Love this duffel shaped handbag given a military spin with those canvas 'backpack' straps... Those sculpted heels and leggings are super cool too!

Mihara Yasuhiro Spring Summer 2011 Womenswear

Further to my post on the 'Grunge Birkin' from Mihara Yasuhiro's Spring Summer 2011 Womens Collection... here's official pics from the brand's lookbook. Gorgeous and witty take , not to mention bold (imagine all the backlash from H Fans!) take on one of the world's most iconic and distinguished bag. If you noticed, not only the Birkin was 'remodelled' but even Céline's highly popular Classic Box Bag is also being reinterpreted!

How's that for bag 'politics'?!?!

Fun and witty I must say. Take it at a humour perspective and I really love it. Beyond the 'controversial' bags, the ready to wear pieces from Mihara Yasuhiro's womens collection are also very interesting. A bit of dishevelled glamour added with a military, equestrian feel. Check out those stockings and the amazing sculpted heels. Mihara Yasuhiro is always high on originality and creativity, sometimes unexpected such as his sarcasm at iconic bags.

Inspiration for the collection:

The Miharayasuhiro SS11 collection takes its inspiration from the artist Georgia O’Keefe and her early work ‘Black Iris III’. The collection is both representational and abstract as it explores the relationship between Eastern and Western culture and the paradox of the wearer’s strength and fragility.

The collection comprises three broad styles. Tailoring, military, and work wear.

Masculine tailoring, trench coats and structured jackets are transformed with floral printing. Reminiscent of O’Keefe’s style, the flowers not only fill the garments with shape but also remind us that this is lived in and not simply an object.

In contrast to the structured tailoring, the military garments strike feminine silhouettes. Layers of silk drape sensitively to create safari jackets and dresses reminiscent of the Japanese kimono. Floral camouflage created with Mihara’s technique of woven photographic print delivers traditional dress for a new era.

Washed denim shirts evoke O’Keefe’s personal style, a style which is reinvented through drop-neck shirts, washed denim jeans and frayed jersey garments. All of which give the sense of time over which these garments have been worn.

The rugged and artistic energy in this collection is finally channeled into a collection of minimal chic shoes and traditional footwear takes on a new image. Tasseled loafers become pumps and wooden soles float on clear acrylic heels.

This collection tells the story of a woman’s strength established through time. Encouraged in abstract thinking, educated in expression and inherently feminine.

Mihara Yasuhiro is available at Club 21, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore (Women's store)

Source: Mihara Yasuhiro via Club 21 Global

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