Monday, 28 February 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #203

Below: Desirable Valextra SS2011 Womens Bags... minimalist designs have always been the brand's DNA... (Food for thought, do these give off a Céline vibe? Who inspired who?:-P)

Below: The pink bag reminds me of Hermès So Kelly, while the tan duffel sends a Chloé Aurora Bag devaju...

Below: A refreshing summer palette of colours, such as power pinks to soften and balance off the architectural lines of the bags... Love it!

Below: Céline and Jil Sander SS2011 bags... reminds you of Valextra? (See first 2 bags)

Below: Hermès So Kelly and Chloé Aurora bags... distant cousins of Valextra's? :P (See 3rd and 4th bag)

Valextra Spring Summer 2011 Womens Bags

Before the rise of minimalist trends in womens fashion and bags, all thanks to Phoebe Philo's Celine 'frenzy', there is already one Italian luxury leather goods brand pursuing this design direction since many years. Valextra is the name and leather goods of optimum craftsmanship and clean lines are their game. On par in pricing and craftsmanship as Hermès, their bags are another 'holy grail' brand that many aspire to own.

For Spring Summer 2011, we see a refreshing palette of colours in Valextra's Womens Bag collection. From powder pink, to off whites, tan and navy... Valextra is sure to strike a fancy with fans of minimalist designs but wanting just the right amount of summery colours. These bags harbour an almost architectural design precision and construction, it's almost a work of modern art in my opinion. I love the collection.

However, there are some bags from this collection which creates a sense of devaju. The first 2 sends off a Céline and Jil Sander vibe, while the 3rd and fourth reminds me of Hermès So Kelly and Chloé's Aurora Bag. So who do you think inspired who? :-P

One thing's for sure, these Valextra bags are a standout of its own, in its simple beauty and modern lines, any time any day.

See the full collection of Valextra's Spring Summer 2011 Bags here on my facebook page:-)

Source: Valextra

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