Saturday, 26 February 2011

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #156

Below: It's time to downsize your bags: Céline's Nano Luggage Shopper with a handy shoulder strap (in fabulous colour and materials) is a good reason to forgo those oversize bags! Love this green full leather version:-)

Below: I also adore this bi-material and multi coloured version. The linen, biege, tan and black leather works perfect! Shoulder strap is handy and works like a charm for those city girls on the move!

Below: Black may be conventional... but it's timeless and most versatile!

It's Hip To Be Nano: Céline Nano Luggage Shopper With Shoulder Strap

More novelty than the Céline Luggage Tote (too many girls seen with this bag, I feel it's becoming too expected), but shares the same charm as her larger counter part: The Céline Nano Luggage Shopper With Shoulder Strap is a refreshing take on the highly popular tote version (Sold out in many places!).

It's hip (literally hanging at hip level when shoulder slung) and cute and versatile for the girl on the move. I love it! Who has already gotten their hands on this elusive version of the Céline Luggage series of bags? I love the one in green, but most of all the one with the bi-materials and multi-colours:-)

Retails for JPY135,000 (Approx. SGD2104) at Restir, Japan (Tax exclusive). They still stock the full leather black version.

Source: Jak and Jil, Restir


Shane B said...

too bad that the tan version only comes in nano size... I'm so lusting for Celine luggage bag but Celine is surprisingly rare in the US- -!

Gilbert Ganda said...

Kev, do you know what is the dimension of this bag? and is the fully black one available in sg?


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Ganda,

it's about 20cm x 20cm and retails for SGD$1400 onwards:-)

Not sure about the black one... but there has been stocks arriving, such as the green one, all of them selling out fast!

Reserve yours if you are keen.