Sunday, 13 February 2011

My Shoe Collection #51

Below: Stocking up for Fall Winter 2011... Boots from, gorgeous find at a great price!

Below: Boots are always in style no matter what the season, it's just practical to wear for Winter season since it is warm! Check out my new ASOS Brown Leather Military Tall Boots... all the way up mid calf!

Below: Zippers on the side for easy wearing!

Below: This pair features lace-up holes and then hiking boots style fastening at the top! It's a combination of details which I love, with tarnished leather for an aged feel!

Below: I wear UK size 41.. the boots cut small, do note... the boots (in black) is now on sale for £39, hurry! Must buy!

Below: Get your tall boots and you are ready for these Balmain Fall Winter 2011 looks! My favourite out of the collection...

ASOS Brown Leather Military Boots

Fall Winter season is the best time to hunt down boots, especially the tall mid calf ones that will be too warm for summer season. I own a pair of Zara Black Leather Boots which I took it for a spin in last December's Tokyo trip, I decided to stock up on a brown coloured pair as soon as I saw this one at

Below: My Zara pair which I wore to Japan last Dec was not as tall as these ASOS ones... love them!

It's taller, more aged and will serve me well for next Fall Winter 2011. At £65 (Now on sale at £39! You have to grab it! Click here) a pair with free shipping (got this in December when they had the free shipping promotion), this is a bargain! I love the aged brown leather (wear them and kick around without worries of wear and tear!) and long laces that extends to become hiking boots style fastening. And if you think wearing these tall boots are going to be a hassle, the boots feature side zippers for easy wearing, how thoughtful! Also wear it with laces done half way for an even more nonchalant look (like what Balmain is doing on the Fall Winter 2011 lookbook):-P Boots are just cool to play around!

Stocking for coming seasons is what I do sometimes, seeing how I am going t0 try these 2 Balmain Fall Winter 2011 looks (see above) in 8 months time....:-P

Source: myMANybags, Balmain


Gilbert Ganda said...

Hey Kevin,

I love your boots! OMG I love it.. and I am thinking of getting one too! but I got some problem like I got big calf, do you think I will suit this?

Thankss before!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

The boots have laces that allows you to tighten or loosen, I dun see a problem. :-)

Unknown said...

I like this boots for him too. They are incredibles! And your blog is fantastic!