Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #205

Below: Here's a look at the upcoming Jil Sander Fall Winter 2011 Mens Accessories
when amazingly Spring Summer 2011 has barely started... early bird gets the worm, start planning your Fall Winter purchases already!:-) Love these coloured felt pouches and bags. Felt seems to be favoured not only by Jil Sander but also Fendi Fall Winter 2011 (as totes!)

Jil Sander Fall Winter 2011 Mens Accessories

We are barely into Spring Summer 2011 season and now thanks to the power of internet, I am able to share pictures of Fall Winter 2011 collections. And no, not runway pics from But pics of upcoming accessories from Jil Sander Fall Winter 2011 Mens Collection.

Fall Winter's accessories collection seems to be a continuation of Jil Sander's strong colour themes from Spring Summer 2011. But now translated for autumn winter season with more tactile materials. Yellow is a key colour appearing in many bags and pouches. But felt seems to be a material that will play an important role for the collection, even used on suits for the ready to wear.

I love the fuschia pouches and folios (with a zipped leather front pouch). Well, if you have to go for colour, choose the strongest most eye popping hue for maximum impact! The shoes are also of noteworthy interest, especially the tall boots. They seem to be Siamese twins of loafers and boots... adjoining 2 classic mens shoe designs into a refreshing hybrid! Same for those lace-ups and loafer styles:-P Clever! Love the forest green colour too which is unusual for mens footwear.

Jil Sander is definitely getting back its groove, all thanks to continuing collections of originality and outstanding concepts by Raf Simons. I welcome this new attention given to the brand once again.

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Source: Jil Sander


Snappylifestyle said...

Felt huh? And not exactly in the colors you'd expect to see in menswear, will have to check it out. Bright colors seem to be the theme this season.
snappy x

richardwilkins said...

That was a nice boots, I wonder how much is it?