Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Runway Sniper #75

Below: Welcome back to tasteful glamour, Balmain Fall Winter 2011! No more tattered and atrocious safety pinned rags from SS2011...:-P Love the metallic suits and blazers without lapels. The crystal embellished jumpsuit is hot!

Below: Crystal embellishments that will make these Balmain pieces masterful collectible and red carpet pieces... but also sky rockets the prices to astronomical levels. One thing's for sure, you probably will never find them in Zara and Topshop...:-P Love the white boots!

Below: Metallic jeans will rise to be the staple for fashionistas for next season's Fashion Week... I have a strong feeling about it!

Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Womenswear

Christophe Decarnin may be absent from his recent Balmain Fall Winter 2011 show, nonetheless he seemed to have literally 'clean up' his act! Presented on the runway are levels up from SS2011's atrocious safety pinned and tattered rags, and Balmain glamour is back at its glory. Albeit, pared down and more tastefully sexy... perhaps Balmain's take on the minimalist frenzy going on in fashion now.

The new sensibility can be attributed to new styling consultant Melanie Ward (Best known for her work with Helmut Lang, king of minimalist... and perhaps the change for a more subtle display of glamour this season for Balmain?) who takes over from Emmanuelle Alt. She brings with her a new direction for the brand. From the collarless, slightly oversized metallic blazers, looser pants and dresses... the silhouettes are less severe and more focused. Of course, everything is given a couture boost with intricate crystal embellishments that will sky rocket the prices to astronomical levels.

One thing's for sure, a lot of fans want Balmain to succeed, anxiously waiting for the moment when Christophe Decarnin stops his repeat vision of biker chic and dwells into a new territory for the 'sexy' French brand. This season, Balmain achieves that and I am so happy:-) Easy comprehensible glamour that everyone understands and want. I can literally see those metallic jeans/blazers fly off the store racks for next season!


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thompsonboy said...

looks same old same old to me. It's tough choices for him. I mean where do you go from what propelled you into stardom at the first place.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I disagree... I think this collection is a good refreshing of Balmain from past seasons:-) There's something new while keeping to the aesthetics Christophe Decarnin has build for Balmain:-) Love it!