Friday, 11 March 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #206

Below: Colour block with Zara this March! Love this yellow V-neck sweater!

Below: Yves Klein blue anyone?

Accent your outfits with some colours! Green sweater... I want too!

Colour Blocking With Zara

You have to give credit to fast fashion chains for catching on each season's hottest trends as soon as the demand creates it. For March, Zara offers a lookbook filled with promising pieces just in time to let guys colour block their way thru Spring Summer 2011, ala Jil Sander and Prada style.

Love all those coloured cotton V-neck sweaters and jeans in yellow, green and blue. Of course, the colour Yves Klein blue (which I 'trendspotted' on my blog yesterday) which lends a strong accent to any outfits for summer! Colour colour colour, if you have been 'colour blind' in your wardrobe for the longest time, Zara is a great start to stock up on strong hues this season.

I need that Yves Klein Blue and yellow sweater, that red jeans and those coloured belts! Zara shopping is impending this weekend.

More pics on my Facebook fanpage here.

Source: Zara


reub-envision said...

~Huge fan of the yellow sweater & the touch of green V neck under the jacket

seasonc said...

zara also have a purple-ish blue cardigans, the color is amazing, but couldnt find my size...

Gilbert Ganda said...

lovee the bluee and yellow sweater! anyway who is that model?

style wallah said...

omg, i love the yellow sweather! and the fit and layers of the navy blazer. hot.