Friday, 18 March 2011

My Bag Collection #59

Below: It's Friday... time to share my latest bag addition. Guess who I choose this time? Well... It's none other than my favourite bag brand of the moment... Céline!

Below: I love my new Céline Cabas Linen Stripe, the 'raw' quality is what gives the bag so much personality and appeal:-) The mundane made luxurious always finds a place in my fancies:-P

Below: The fashion spread in April issue of Vogue Nippon seals the deal for me. The red and blue colour allows the Cabas to work for nautical styles. Think white and Breton stripe tees... chic!

Céline Spring 2011 Cabas Linen Stripe

The feeling of finally owning something you want so badly is beyond words can described. So you can imagine my excitement to welcome this new bag to my bag family! I have blabbered about my love for this Spring 2011 Céline Cabas Linen Stripe for a couple of months now. Finally over last Sunday, I decided to put my 'waiting misery' to rest once and for all...and got myself this 'prized bag' for the season! It's definitely Happy New Bag to me!

The Cabas Linen Stripe may resemble a gunny sack... but it is this 'mundane inspiration turned luxurious' that gives this version of the Céline Cabas so much more personality. The frayed edges and the contrast of fabric with soft lambskin are beyond words to describe in tactile appeal.

I will carry this with my colour blocking ensemble (as per my lastest lookbook post) or simply shorts and tees (summer time wardrobes) any day. I am also excited at the possibility of pinning different brooches and bag charms to the fabric body... like a blank canvas waiting to be decorated. Will be fun. I am very inspired by the bag.

Beyond the design, I love the bag as it is light and slouchy. Carry and throw around with a 'devil may care' attitude... feel effortless.

For Céline!

(PS. this cabas was featured in the April issue of Vogue Nippon... Nautical style:-) In a way, very french with the red and blue stripes:-P)

Source: myMANybags


thompsonboy said...

My dear...we (your fans and readers) demand some modelling pics...pretty pls?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Will snap pics when I get to debut this baby!:-p

Have a fun project happening tommorrow:-P


agrasshopper said...

congrats! It's so chic! I've been eyeing one cabas forever...still waiting for the right moment :)

SC said...

congrats kevin!! it's a fabulous purchase!!

Anonymous said...

where can i buy it ??