Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #212

Below: More gorgeous Céline bags to drool over! Are you ready to plan which ones to get from Céline Fall 2011's collection? For me, I am Céline Cabas all the way!

Below: Interesting new bags for the upcoming new season too! From the wider format Céline luggage tote, the new
Luggage Phantom Square Bag in olive suede to the oddly shaped Trapeze Shoulder Bag to a tartan tweed version of the luggage tote, these new bags are hard to resist!

Céline Fall 2011 Bags

Time to prep your credit cards! Here's pics of the very promising Céline Fall 2011 bags... which one to pick, which one to lust over... which one will make it to your next season's shopping list?

For me, I have already set my sights on anything and everything Céline Leather Cabas! Hence, the Cabas Bi-colour in Tartan Tweed and Lambskin Midnight is a definite must have!:-P Absolutely appropriate for those winter moods with a modern take on plaid patterns, only Phoebe Philo can conceived. Truly a love at first sight! (The Tartan pattern also comes in a Luggage Tote format with Midnight coloured calfskin. I easily forsee those being snapped up in a heartbeat when they hit stores for Fall 2011:-P)

Besides the tartan version, I am also in love with the Bi-colour Cabas in Lambskin Royal Blue and Burgundy Brown. Such an amazing colour combination, adding rich tones for Fall Winter season without being overly brash. Fall 2011 also sees the introduction of gold stamp print (in the form of a reindeer) onto the usually minimalist cabas designs. A first but very welcoming. Don't you feel the reindeer pattern will make a great Christmas time bag? Festive chic anyone?

I can't wait for Fall 2011. Watch out for many more new updates and designs... from the very odd but appealing Trapeze Shoulder Bag, or a landscape version of the highly popular Luggage Tote, the Luggage Phantom Square Bag. Tassels included:-P Watch out Balenciaga!:-P

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Source: Céline

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Shane B said...

I'm trying to pre-order the phantom in printed crocodile but no luck so far and I know for sure it's gonna be very popular...I love the cabas but I feel like it's only for summer.But I guess it works all year around in beautiful Singapore :)