Sunday, 10 April 2011

My Bag Collection #60

Below: I am an avid fan of clutch bags. This is one welcoming addition with 'Flower Power' to match! Love my new Jil Sander's Neon Flower Print Canvas Clutch Bag!
Below: Special ink has been used for printing that gives the floral patterns a brighter than usual appearance! Love the neon effects:-)
Jil Sander Neon Flower Print Canvas Clutch Bag

Flowery prints has always been shy away by men due to its association to feminity since eons ago. Women's fashion has always played with floral designs while mens kept to it's masculine graphic shapes and subdued colours. But for Spring Summer 2011, floral motifs is blooming all over for guys! Jil Sander, Yohji Yamamoto, D&G all embraced nature's best creation to the world for Spring Summer 2011. That said, flower prints may not always work on some guys. Even for me, where I embraced certain levels of experimentation with fashion, thinks it's a tad too overwhelming when worn as a top.

There are however other ways to wear floral prints without becoming a visual eyesore. I'd reckon having flower prints on accessories is the best way to tone things down and avoid an overdose of nature's beauty. Bags, shoes, belts.... something smaller to accent a plain outfit for maximum visual impact.

Below: I may love this flower print, but wearing it as a t-shirt may not work for me... would you dare to wear this?

I chanced upon this beautiful Jil Sander Neon Flower Print Canvas Clutch Bag at Club 21 Mens, Four Seasons Hotel a couple of weeks back. I will not wear the t-shirt (see below) done with the same floral print, but this clutch bag I would carry any day! The flower print also spots a neon coloured ink, churning out brighter than usual colours. Outstanding and interesting to make you pop any day. I love the size (32cm width x 21cm height. Great size for guys) and the soft leather trimmings, giving a luxurious touch to the otherwise all canvas clutch.

Comes in a silk material as well with bigger florals for women (£190). But I still prefer the stronger colours and smaller, denser flower patterns on this mens version.

Below: Fret not, the womens have their own version in silk material with pinkish tones and bigger florals... still lovely for the ladies!
Flower power for the boys and girls! Yay!

(Check out my other post on nature's inspiration for Spring Summer 2011. More pics on my facebook fan page)

Source: myMANybags, Jil Sander


The Fashion Commentator said...

I'm in love with these prints! I was planning to buy one of the shirts, but i agree with you, maybe it's better an accessory! ;) Thanks for share, Alessandro

Pana said...

like it a lot!

PAULINE! said...

how much was it retailing for at club21?

Matter Of Style said...

i'm in love with these bags!

Unknown said...

Actually, i think i would wear the t-shirt shown above. :D